The Wanted – Glad You Came

It’s been quite some time since a boy band or a girl group has been really popular in the States, which I find a little disappointing. I was growing up when groups like the Spice Girls, NSync, TLC and the Backstreet Boys were at their peak. Since the new millennium, it seems as though pop groups have fallen to the way side, save for the Black Eyed Peas.

Anyway, Europe and Asia still seem to be able to produce decent pop groups, so there is still hope! In fact, right now, a guy group is #1 on the BBC top 40! This group is none other than The Wanted; 5 seemingly cool dudes who make cool pop music. I decided to give their latest chart topper, “Glad You Came” a spin to see if they could be the next big group. How did it go? Here’s the verdict on “Glad You Came” by Brit-group, The Wanted.

The Good;

  • The dance beat is definitely catchy, and makes for a great party starter. Heavy bass and electronic tuning make this a definite feel good, summer jam.
  • The song earns “ear worm” status for its incredibly catchy chorus.
  • Despite the boy’s overly styled pretty boy looks, there’s a certain sense of realism about them that other pop groups don’t have. I feel like I’ve met these guys before in high school, and I feel like hanging out with them might not be unbearable.

The Bad;

  • The lyrics to this song are downright idiotic. “I decided you look well on me.” What the frack? “I’ll put a drink in your hand/ so drink it if you can.” As opposed to…what? Hey, songwriting isn’t for everyone.
  • If you’re going to be a vocal group, you should probably have some vocals to support your claim. I wouldn’t mind it if they had at least ONE main vocalist who can do the difficult singing, like in Akcent’s Adrian or Parade’s Bianca, but damn…none of them have any sort of power to their voice at all. It’s all the same limited range “singing” that you could find at a kareoke bar. Harmonies? Forget it.
  • Since the chorus is followed by a dance beat breakdown, I was expecting some sort of choreography to accompany the vocal silence. None. None at all. Even in their live performances, the lads just kind of stare into the crowd while they hop around.

The Verdict; 2/5

Downright atrocious actually. This group really does embody what is wrong with pop groups today. There is no actual substance. With no vocal talent, stage presence, dancing ability, or musicality, all they have to fall back on is their humble good looks, and frat boy swagger. Sure, they have a catchy chorus and an infectious dance beat, but who doesn’t anymore? Sorry, but I’m really not feeling The Wanted. They’re no Take That.


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