Coldplay – Every Teardrop is a Waterfall

Coldplay released their latest single, “Every Tear Drop is a Waterfall” quite a few weeks ago, right before I took my hiatus. As a result, I’ve only gotten around to reviewing their latest single almost a month after its release. Now, being a huge fan of the band, I’m quite disappointed in myself for putting this off. So, was the song worth the wait, or will “Every Tear Drop is a Waterfall” be a huge disappointment? Here’s the verdict on Coldplay’s new one!

The Good;

  • The song begins on a soft note, and gradually builds, adding layer upon layer of gorgeous sounds, beats and melodies. This surge effectively invites you into the song, before pulling you in and embracing you fully in its Britpop-rock sound.
  • I really dig the lyrics, and I think that anyone else can relate to them. Who hasn’t had that one song that makes everything better? This is a song that anyone can relate to, and yet, is still written in a creative and interesting way.
  • Rather than fade out, this song ends on a killer drum solo. God I hate the fade outs! The drums effectively end the song with a bang that leaves you wanting more!
  • The music video is really interesting and creative! I really love the artistic direction! It makes this simple performance video into something eye catching and memorable.

The Bad;

  • Chris Martin’s vocals are extremely unique and distinct, which is why I don’t understand why they’re being so heavily filtered. It seems as though his voice has been placed into the background, allowing the focus to be on the music. While that is a unique strategy, its one that I’m a little unsure of.
  • This song is a bit standard, and dare I say “pop,” when compared to most of Coldplay’s other work. Especially when coming off of the high that was “Viva la Vida” there is a certain element of risk and daring that seems to be missing from “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall.”
  • The guitar riffs could be a bit more powerful, as they are a bit weak through out most of the song.

The Verdict; 5/5
Yes, “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall” is a bit different from Coldplay’s last album. Sometimes different is good, and sometimes different is bad. Often times…its neither. Personally, I see this as Coldplay stepping to the side, into a different light and a different style that’s just as good as anything they’ve done previously. I honestly feel that “Every Teardrop” is just as good as “Viva La Vida,” and will become a frequent addition to my playlists. I really enjoy the light hearted lyrics, the dynamic melody, and the euphoric vision of the song. Everything about the song is simply well crafted and inviting!


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