Dev – In The Dark

Dev had a lucky break when the Far East Movement sampled her song in their hit song, “Like a G-6.” It was pretty much her launching pad to stardom. Since then, she’s been turning out hip dance tracks that have been gaining some heavy rotation in the clubs. Her latest single, “In The Dark” has been getting some decent promotion, so I decided to give it a spin. How did my first real experience with Dev in the dark go? Here’s the verdict!

The Good;

  • The Cataracts produced this jam, and it shows in the hypnotic and mysterious dance beats. They’re simply subliminal with the understated bass line, and smooth brass melody.
  • The saxophone seems to be making a comeback, and it’s the highlight of this song.
  • The music video is quite interesting and creative. I dig it, especially the scene with “the hands”. Just watch the video, you can’t miss it.

The Bad;

  • Dev isn’t much of a singer. Or a rapper. It really isn’t her forte, so I don’t understand why she’s trying to do both in this song. She’s probably a weaker singer than Brittney, and her rapping is really more like melodic speaking. I just don’t get it.
  • Some of the lyrics are just…just terrible. How many different ways can you ask someone to touch you inappropriately? Dev can apparently use any metaphor to ask that question.
  • Dev has a really unique style. You know who else has a unique style? Kesha. And Lady Gaga. And Rihanna. And Katy Perry. If your going to do the same style, be ready for comparison. Unfortunately, Dev isn’t bringing anything new to the table, and it just seems desperate and phony.

The Verdict; 2/5

This may be Dev’s track, but the best thing about “In The Dark” is the Cataracts. The beat and the melody are really nice, so I just wish that Dev could…you know, sing…or rap…or not be a watered down Ke$ha. Aside from the aspects of the song that Dev has nothing to do with, there really isn’t any substance. It’s a song that falls flat on its face with nothing to support it. Sorry Dev, but it looks like that G6 took off without you.


2 responses to “Dev – In The Dark

  1. Well, I'm guessing you've never seen Dev perform live…she can sing! And as for Far East Movement, aren't they old, and when was the last time they made a hit?? She saved their career if you ask me. I'm thinkin your verdict is totally off. Dev gots the pipes and swag that most artist do not possess??? You can't fake swag lol.

  2. You're absolutely right, I have never seen Dev sing live. She very well could have a decent voice, but I really don't think that this song showcases it. Honestly, I do want to check that out. Do you know of any videos that showcase her singing, cause I can't seem to find any on Youtube?As for the FEM, you are absolutely right. They haven't had another hit like they did with G6, and they do owe alot of that success to Dev, but Dev owes alot to FEM too. It was her first real hit too, so I'd say it was 50/50.Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy "Bass Down Low," so maybe there is more of Dev that I need to see, but I'm not seeing it in "Dancing in the Dark."

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