GP Basic – Jelly Pop

GP Basic is one of the youngest Kpop girl groups, which has drawn some heavy criticism. Haters gon hate, right? While I did rate their last single poorly, it wasn’t because of their young age, but rather because I felt that song was heavily lacking. As such, I’ve decided to follow up on that by reviewing their latest single, “Jelly Pop.”

The girls are obviously trying to find an identity between their age and the often too mature and heavily demanding industry. As such, they’ve made a bold step by transforming into a group of blondes. Also, the group has officially lost their first member, their former leader, Hannah. She has been replaced with Mui, who has the new position of secondary rapper and vocalist, while Trinity is stepping into Hannah’s lead vocal position. How is all of this working out for the ladies of GP Basic? Here’s the verdict on Jelly Pop.

The Good;

  • The choreography to this song is simply awesome, and the girls execute it with a finesse that defies their age. Honestly, I think that they can dance better than most of their seniors, and are definitely on par with other groups like 4minute and After School.
  • The girls have definitely stepped up the vocal department as well. Leah and Trinity do some adlibs at the end, which shows their great improvement. Similarly, Zion shows potential to become a main vocal as well.
  • Some will criticize the new image, but I like it. I think it makes them stand out against the other groups.
  • The dance pop beat works well with the girls voices, and the verses are the song’s sweet spot. Janey and Mui’s rapping are great, and give the song some flair and attitude.

The Bad;

  • The song’s chorus simply isn’t that catchy or memorable. In fact, it’s my least favorite part of the song, which seems a little backwards.
  • With such tight choreography, the music video is a bit of a disappointment. The editing is just awful, and the scenes don’t really mesh together well. As a result, we don’t really get to see much of the choreography, and instead we get to the girls playing sexy in slow motion. Pass.
  • I think that Amet has gotten short changed in this song. Vocally, she’s on par with Zion and probably better than Mui, so I don’t see why she’s always being shoved in the back.

The Verdict; 3/5
I’ve gotta give the girls credit; they are back with a vengeance. “Jelly Pop” is a great hip-pop song which demonstrates both youthful energy, and a mature style. While some people may find their style to be a bit…much…I think that it suits them well, and makes them stand out against the many other girl groups. They can sing, they can dance, they can rap…all they need now is a breakout song. While Jelly Pop isn’t going to be that breakout, it does show us that the girls have huge potential. They’ve got plenty of time to find that hit, and I have a feeling that someday…GP Basic is going to be big.


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