Jason Derulo – Don’t Wanna Go Home

Jason Derulo is promoting his new album with his new single, “Don’t Wanna Go Home.” He has quickly become comfortable with his position as a chart topper. I was a fan of his debut track “Whatcha Say”….that is, until the radio killed it. He second single was decent if it wasn’t for the lyrical content. How that song ever made it on Kidz Bop is something that still continues to baffle me. Regardless, I’ve always been in the middle of the road with Mr. Derulo. Did this song turn me into a fan? Here’s the verdict on “Don’t Wanna Go Home.”

The Good;

  • This is a definite dance track with an awesome beat. However, the beat isn’t exactly unique. It’s sampled from 90’s dance diva, Robyn S., and her hit track, “Show Me Love.” Remember back when dance music was awesome on its own?
  • With lyrics about partying all night, you can bet that this song is going to garner some heavy airplay and become a club hit for a good long while.
  • Jason is a much better dancer than he is a singer, and his dance moves are clearly demonstrated in the music video.

The Bad;

  • If I hear Jason sing his name one more time, I might have to kill someone. Seriously Jason, we all know you know your name. Stop it.
  • Jason’s voice is pretty annoying in this track. It lacks the emotion of “Whatcha Say,” and the melody of “In My Head.” What’s left is autotuned whining that makes me cringe.
  • Between sampling the beat, the chorus, and a few lines here and there, it seems like this song has been created solely out of the best parts of other people’s songs. There really isn’t anything unique or original about this song, and in fact, it seems kind of cheap. Desperate even.
  • In the few parts that Jason actually wrote some original lines…well, he demonstrates that songwriting isn’t for every one. This song lacks anything resembling intelligence.

The Verdict; 2/5
Jason has taken an amazing club track, and made it “contemporary”…which is to say, worse. Yes, much worse. Jason’s overly autotoned voice makes this song almost unlistenable, and if it weren’t for the beat (which he stole), I wouldn’t have even been able to tolerate it. Plus, with a beat and a hook that aren’t his, Jason has efectively created a frankenstein song. It just shows that he has no originality in the songwriting department. Now, don’t get me wrong. If this ever did come on in a club, I wouldn’t complain. Its a good club track, but club tracks don’t necessarily have to be good….and this song isn’t. “Don’t Wanna Go Home” is a terrible track with an awesome beat. Thats all.


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