Parade – Perfume

Some time ago, Parade debuted on the UK charts with a song called “Louder.” The song was as smash hit for a debuting girl group, and went strait to the top 10. With a unique style, catchy beats, and a lighter than air melody, the song was fine piece of pop music. Recently, they’ve returned with a new song, “Perfume.” Is this the song that’s going to take the girls all the way to number 1? Here’s the verdict on Parade’s “Perfume.”

The Good;

  • Parade really does have a unique flair and style. It works for them, and nobody else is doing it. It keeps them fresh and original compared to all of the other girl groups.
  • This song has a super catchy hook that’s sure to get stuck in your head.
  • Personally, I am in love with Sian’s smooth as velvet voice, and Bianca’s full and lush vocals.

The Bad;

  • The lyrics are not only lazy, but downright ridiculous. Seriously, the song seems to lack anything resembling intelligence, or wit.
  • In addition to lacking intelligence, the girls simply don’t have the swag to be “bringing all the boys.”
  • Catchy can sometimes equate to annoying. This is a song that crosses that line more than on one occasion.

The Verdict; 1/5
Parade may have started out fresh with “Louder,” but their “Perfume” simply ain’t all that. While it does help to solidify the girl’s sound and style, it simply isn’t as good as its predecessor. In fact, it isn’t very good at all. Sorry ladies, but your going to have to give us something more than a pretty fragrance.

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