Rainbow – Sweet Dream

Of all the Kpop girls groups, Rainbow has never been my favorite. After “Gossip Girl” and “A,” I was actually willing to write them off as my least favorite. However, I thought that “Come to Me” was a great comeback, and was something really cool. Recently, they’ve followed up their success with a new single, “Sweet Dream.” This song is another light and airy dance track that continues the group’s new image and concept. Have they kept their strong momentum going, or are they falling back into the rut they’ve just crawled out of? Here’s the verdict on “Sweet Dream.”

The Good;

  • I really like the sound they’ve managed to create. The light an airy melody works well when played over the electronic dance beat to create a catchy and interesting sound.
  • The music video for this song is really something special. Their company shelled out some serious money to buy a special camera that’s used for filming seamless transition effects between backgrounds. It allows for some really neat special effects that add to the dreamlike sound of the song. In all honesty, this may very well be one of my favorite Kpop music videos.
  • The chorus is very catchy, and I really like their harmonies. We don’t often see the entire group harmonize during the choruses anymore, so this is a very nice change of pace, and they sound fantastic.
  • One of my biggest complaints about Rainbow during their first few singles was that each of the girls sounded the same. Now, I’m finally hearing the different tones of each of their voices, and I think they really have some great vocalists.

The Bad;

  • This song follows the format used in “Come To Me” to the point that it almost seems lazy. Both used light melodies over a dance beat, and both have the same general tone. Its good that they now have a set sound and style, but they can have an identity and give us some variety too.
  • The choreography for the live performances is actually pretty lame.
  • I still think that they need to do something better for their concept and style. Its quite lame, and doesn’t make them stand out at all. Let’s add some color! Add some style and swagger!

The Verdict; 4/5
I must say, Rainbow has created something really special here. “Sweet Dream” is a fantastic song that I think will be remembered as one of their best. They’re on their way to becoming one of the big groups, but they do have a few things to work on, mainly their live performances and their image, but those are things that can be worked around. They have begun to show that they do have some solid talent, and with great songs, they can do some really cool things. Rainbow’s colors are showing, now they just have show us how brightly they can shine!


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