The Verdict on Idol: Top 3 results

I haven’t been bloging in a while, and since this is old news, I’ll make this one short and sweet. In our battle for the top 2, we had a pretty even playing field. Each contestant gave at least one really good performance. However, based on overall achievement, the only one that stands out for consistently delivering solid performances was Haley Reinhart.

However, this is American Idol we’re talking about. As such, Scotty, who’s been coasting by on the same performances week after week safely skated into the top 2 along with the of so adorable (and mediocre) Lauren Alaina. This, of course, means that the well seasoned vocal powerhouse, Haley Reinhart, is finally knocked out of the competition.

Haley has nothing to be ashamed of. She fought the odds, and left her blood sweat and tears on that stage each and every week. She probably gave the most standout performances out of anyone ever on this show, with “Benny and the Jets,” “House of the Rising Sun,” “I Who Have Nothing,” “Moaning,” “Rolling in the Deep,” and “What Is and What Never Should Be.” Each of these were high quality performances that defined a solid artist, and clearly demonstrated her incredible talent. Haley Reinhart deserved the title more than anyone else in this competition.

When looking at out top 2, I’ just baffled. We began the season with one of the most talented and most diverse groups ever, yet we somehow wound up with that country kid, and that other country kid. This is by far the most boring top 2 ever. Even last season had Crystal to deliver solid performances despite Lee being a complete dud. This year, we have the opening act at the Grand Ol Opry circa 1978, and the talent portion of Miss Bucks County Fair. Now, don’t get me wrong. I think Lauren and Scotty are very talented. In fact, Scotty is truly blessed with an incredible voice, and Lauren is the total package. I have no doubt that they’ll find success in the Country industry, and I look forward to seeing them become Country stars. However, I’ll admit to being bitter about them getting into the top 2 over more talented and deserving contestants like Haley, Pia, Casey, and James.
But that’s life, right? This is American Idol, where voters rule. Hopefully Lauren and Scotty really deliver on their potential tonight, but despite who wins, they can both look forward to having long and successful careers.

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