Theory of a Deadman – Lowlife

Theory of a Deadman is currently preparing for a summer album, and as such, they recently released the album’s lead single, “Lowlife.” This band is one of the more popular alt-rock bands out there right now, and they’re coming off of the massive success of “Scars and Souvenirs” and it’s singles. “Bad Girlfriend” was a huge successes, and “Not Meant to Be” even helped the band achieve a pop crossover. Personally, I wasn’t a huge fan of either, but I really did like “All or Nothing.”

“Lowlife” is yet another solid post-grunge song, keeping with the band’s past hits. How does this one stack up? Where will it take the band? Let’s find out as I deliver the verdict on “Lowlife.” Onto the review!

The Good;

  • This song has a classic sound that harkens back to the days when rock and roll was all about dirty fun.

The Bad;

  • Hey, songwriting isn’t for everyone. Maybe that’s why Kara DioGuardi wrote their biggest hit? This song sounds like it was written by a 15 year old going through that “angst” phase. “I’m a low life, so f**kin’ deal with it.” Yeah…I’m really going to take that seriously.
  • This song stays pretty stagnant throughout. It starts on a rather bland and over used riff, and never really goes anywhere. There just isn’t anything to grab your attention. It’s one of those songs that makes great background music, but thats about it.

The Verdict; 1/5
This song is pretty disappointing. The lyrics re simply laughable, even for a song bout reveling in sex, drugs, and rock and roll. They utilize a more classic sound, but even so, they never really take it anywhere or utilize it particularly well. This song really just seems like it was thrown together haphazardly. “Lowlife” just kind of limps along until it fades into the background. I’m not Theory of a Deadman’s biggest fan, but this is actually pretty pathetic even for them.


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