Rihanna – California King Bed

Rihanna has become one of pop’s biggest names. However, her last song, S&M, left me a little cold despite the red hot lyrics. To me, it just wasn’t anything special. However, the Barbadian beauty is back with a new song, “California King Bed.” This song is something different for Rihanna. This song is a ballad, marking her first from her since 2006’s “Unfaithful.” Is it worth the wait? Here’s my verdict on the latest from Rihanna.

The Good;

  • My biggest concern about this song was Rihanna’s vocals. She hasn’t always been known for her vocal abilities, but this song may mark a turning point in that notion. This song demonstrates amazing vocal prowess, showing Rihanna’s growth as an artist and a singer.
  • Turning away from the electronic dance beats, this relies on a tender guitar and light piano riffs, and to create a dramatic and emotional sound. Its very refreshing, and in my opinion, marks Rihanna’s best artistic decision in awhile.
  • The lyrics are simply gorgeous. It’s a tender song about the distance between lovers in a fading relationship. Plus, it helps that they’re catchy as well.

The Bad;

  • Although tender and subtle, the verses can get a little boring. They don’t really help build up to the chorus, thus, they mark a slight lull in an otherwise powerful song.
  • The accompanying music video is kind of lame. Just saying.

The Verdict; 4/5
Obviously, I can only say good things about Rihanna’s stunning new song. After the “bad ass” routine of “Rated R” and the dace diva direction that we’ve seen on “Loud,” Rihanna’s latest song is a breath of fresh air. She’s proven to me that her voice is much more powerful than I had thought, and the artistic direction is a pleasant surprise. “California King Bed” is a fantastic pop ballad which shows a tender side of Rihanna that I am quite frankly impressed by.


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