Nicole Scherzinger – Right There

You may remember Nicole Scherzinger as the lead Pussycat Doll. She’s a rare talent; she has a killer voice, a model’s body, and fierce on stage charisma. So, why doesn’t she have the same diva status of Beyonce? Well…mostly because she was in the Pussycat Dolls, and the fact that her previous solo singles were huge flops. However, her debut album is finally about to be released. As such, she’s released a new single which features 50 Cent.

“Right There” is clearly meant to be a summer jam. Will this be the song that launches Nicole’s solo career? Here’s the verdict on “Right There,” the latest from the former Doll.

The Good;

  • This song has a great summer vibe to it. The smooth and refreshing beat works surprisingly well with Nicole’s voice. Her reggae accent helps conjure up images of a beach party. Due to great timing, this song should invade airwaves.
  • In the music video, Nicole adds to the summer feel by using hula influenced choreography. It’s a nice tribute to her Hawaiian roots.
  • The chorus is particularly catchy.

The Bad;

  • The verses are particularly annoying. Listening to Nicole use phrases like “Me like” is particularly irritating. It just not convincing at all.
  • Nicole has a spectacular voice, and I wish she was able to use it a bit more. Plus, the obvious autotone is simply unnecessary.
  • Despite the chorus being infectious, it’s a bit bland and repetitive.

The Verdict; 2/5
This song was actually a bit of a toss up. On one hand, it’s a catchy summer jam that guaranteed to get people grooving. However, it’s the type of song that’s going to fade after a very short time. Once summers over, not only am I going to forget the song, but I’ll forget who sang it too. Granted, this could be the song that gets Nicole her first solo hit in the states, but it won’t be the one that makes her a diva. Hey, nobody remembers that Beyonce’s first single was actually “Work it Out” either.


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