Owl City – Alligator Sky

Owl City had a huge and unexpected hit with “Fireflies” last summer, and now, he’s at it again with “Alligator Sky.” Returning with his unique electro-pop sound, this one man band has released not one, but two versions of this song. The first features Adam’s vocals, while the second is a team up with rapper Shawn Chrystopher. How does this song stack up? Will it be as big a hit as “Firefles?” Which version is better? Lets answer these questions and deliver a verdict, shall we?

The Good;

  • Owl City has a unique way of taking acoustic sounds and digitizing them. The violin strings and piano give this song a really unique sound that combines both instruments and computers.
  • The song’s and dreamy sound, light vocals, and imaginative lyrics create a lighthearted fantasy type of feel. It’s kind of fun, I must admit.

The Bad;

  • I really don’t get the need for a rap verse on this song. To me, it just doesn’t fit, and it takes me out of the ambient, fantasy sound that this song creates. What’s worse, is that while the rap doesn’t fit, the vocal version clearly has something missing.
  • Adam’s obviously autotuned voice can be a little annoying, and lacks depth.
  • I’m all for having a distinct sound, but there really isn’t a whole hell of a lot that’s changed since “Fireflies.” Without the rap verses, this song is almost a carbon copy; Same song, different name.

The Verdict; 1/5
Meh. I’m just not feeling this one. I can’t give it to him based on something like “uniqueness” or “originality” when it’s the exact same thing he gave us a year ago, which was in itself just a pop friendly version of what electro bands like Air and The Postal Service were already doing. This song is light heated and fun, but the rap verses just don’t work, but at the same time, the song sounds empty without them. Its an interesting paradox. Overall, this song is just passable, and on that note, I say “Pass.”


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