The Verdict on Idol: Top 4 results

After Blogger’s downtime, I was unable to post about the results show. Now that the results were absolutely critical, as one of four fan favorites would be going home, Nigel and friends decided to drag out the results show with one guest performance after then next. It was borderline excruciating.
First, we had some duets. Scotty and James performed some song about starting a band that I found to be completely mediocre. Luckily, Haley and Lauren killed their duet of “Gunpowder and Lead.” Lauren especially sounded great and was performing with a level of confidence we haven’t seen since “On the Radio.” But let me get this straight….she didn’t want to sing a song with the lyrics “I’m evil” in it, and then she goes on to slay a song about domestic abuse and murder? Mkay. Haley was also on point, as the song played right into her strong and bluesy voice.

Next, we had an oddly subdued performance from Lady Gaga. She sang the same song that Haley sang a few weeks ago, “You and I.” Was there any mention of that from anyone? Absolutely not. Gaga demonstrated to her haters that she’s much more than that weirdo that makes catchy pop music. Her performance was dramatic, emotional, and vocally flawless. Ture talent and amazing artistry. It was a showstopping performance.

Unfortunately, then we had to endure an absolute train wreck that was Enrique Iglesias. I think he did less singing in his performance than the back up singers. Between videos of Usher, and throwing his mic out to the crowd, I think he may have sang about seven lines. Bottom line; Enrique can’t sing. His new song is absolute crap, and his old one? Also crap. I felt embarrassed watching it with my parents…yes Dad, this is what my generation listens to. I appologize.
Jordin Sparks was next, looking absolutely stunning. She performed her new single, “I Am Woman,” which is intended to be the unleashing of her inner Beyonce, and she did so with gusto. I think I’m going to review the song later, so I won’t say what I thought about it.

Finally, we can get onto the freaking resul- oh wait…Stephen wants to show us a video he made. Really Stephen? For us? Well…we’ll just have to put that on the refrigerator. His new song sounds like it got stuck in 1996, and the video reflects that sound. We’ve got old men in Lady Gaga like outfits, girls in short shorts, a monkey, an editing job that caused epileptics across America to spaz, and of course, Stephen’s wailing. Pass.

Now…the results. The first to be declared safe is none other than Lauren. Yes, the one that I predicted would leave. I’m not surprised, because Haley has been marked for – what Ryan? TWO girls in the finale!? That means…Haley lives to fight another week! But wait, that means….

Between Scotty and James, it was our rocker that was asked to peace out in the single most emotional elimination ever in Idol’s history. You could genuinely tell that he was deeply saddened by the news because he wanted it. He wanted it bad. His farewell performance reminded me of why I fell in love with his voice, even though he was chocking back tears. His farewell montage reminded me how far he’s come. He was truly a talent, with a compelling story, and I wish him the best. My heart goes out to James, but in retrospect, I wasn’t too shocked.

Looking back, his performances weren’t as good as I thought they were. In fact, his first one was flat out forgettable. Also, between the four contestants, he was clearly the least marketable, as he’s too pop to make a rock album, and too rock to make a pop album. Hopefully a label will pick him up and give him some direction, because the talent is there. It’s there, and it is awesome.

And so, Scotty, Haley, and Lauren will return home as rockstars, and then the showdown begins. I’m pulling for Haley, but my money is on Scotty. Still, I’m not counting out Lauren in any way. It’s anyone’s game…who’s going it win?


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