Lady Gaga – Edge of Glory

Lady Gaga’s latest releases have been…puzzling. They haven’t lived up to her usual genius. “Born This Way” took a while to get used to, and although I never wrote up a scathing review for “Judas” it was one of the first Gaga releases that I’ve flat out hated. Now, she has surprisingly released “Edge of Glory,” her next single. Albeit an unofficial release, it has quickly begun to spread all over the net like wildfire. Is it any better than her other songs? Does it live up to predecessors like “Poker Face” and “Bad Romance?” Lets find out in my review. Here’s the verdict of “Edge of Glory.”

The Good;

  • The lyrics are really something different from Gaga. This song is about letting one’s guard down, and letting love in. It’s a tender and emotional side of Gaga that I love to see. Uplifting and inspirational, these lyrics have the makings of classic.
  • Gaga’s got some raw, soulful vocals, and we don’t always see them. However, on this song, the full range of her voice is displayed. It’s like a beautiful peacock spreading its colorful wings. Also, I would not be surprised to see a peacock inspired costume sometime soon.
  • During the breakdown, the electronic bet gives way to a nice saxophone riff, which makes for an interesting sound. It combines soul and electronica in a really cool way hat only Gaga could have pulled off.

The Bad;

  • Despite the electronic pop beat, this song isn’t very danceable. I think it would have benefited the song to go in a more instrumental, rock direction.
  • This song isn’t quite as catchy as her other songs, and the hook just isn’t that strong. Despite hating “Judas,” I couldn’t get the hook out of my head. I’m not even sure if there is a hook here.

The Verdict; 5/5
Although her second album doesn’t seem to be living up to “The Fame Monster” era, “Edge of Glory” is a simply wonderful song, and a welcome addition to the Gaga songbook. In my opinion, it’s the best we’ve heard from “Born This Way,” and should be a hit. Gaga hasn’t lost it, she’s just trying new things to mixed results. However, this song is a definite show stopper.


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