The Verdict on Idol: Top 5 results

After last night’s up and down performances, we were treated to a surpprisingly decent results show. The contestants got to have some fun playing chef, and Jennifer Lopez gave us a bells and whistle performance of her hit song. Did you know that its number one in eight countries? Yeah…the US isn’t one of them.

The Idols gave us a group performance of “Happy Together,” and it was actually kind of decent vocally. As far as the performance aspect, I was bored to tears, and I got the feeling that they absolutely hated singing such a stupid song. Meh.

The Idol’s Top Chef (or whatever it was called) segments were actually pretty entertaining. We learned that Jacob is unbearable in everything that he does, Haley could slit her own throat on camera and the producers Still wouldn’t notice, Scotty has no domestic abilities, and Lauren chews with her mouth open. Lauren and Jacob wound up having a taste off, and their reactions were pretty funny. Lauren won. Yay!

Unfortunately for her, she was put in a group with Jacob on one side of the stage, while Haley and James looked on from the other side. It was obvious who was in the bottom 3, and when Ryan asked Scotty to pick a side, he flat out told him no. Way to go, Scotty! Unfortunately, everyone knew what was up.

Bottom 2: Lauren and Jacob. Going home?

Jacob Lusk. Shocker.
When the competition started, he was coming off of his mind blowing Hollywood performance. He was fantastic in the semi-finals, but then things started getting weird. After awkward performance after awkward performance, and a ghaff or two, it was clear that Jacob just didn’t have his stuff together. He lasted much longer than she should have. In fact, he was by far the weakest of the guys in my opinion. Regardless, he gave us a few fantastic performances, lots of mediocre ones, and some that were just awful. He excels at Gospel, and he got to show his talents to America, which is commendable. However, he stayed way past his time.

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