The Verdict on Idol: Top 6 results

After last night’s round of overall good performances, it was going to be a tough elimination night. Luckily, Jimmy Iovine was around to make the evening even tougher. After the recap of each contestant’s performance, he was gracious enough to give his own critiques, thus revealing what a complete idiot he truly is. Seriously, this guy may be a great producer, but I have a feeling that being an addict to this show, I would be a better mentor to these kids.

We had a guest performance from Crystal Bowersox, which I missed due to being forced to pick up my family’s Chinese take out. Oh well, I have a feeling that I’ll live. Bruno Mars was a much better guest performer than some of the recent ones being that he actually sang well, and performed a song that I wouldn’t have been embarrassed to show my parents.

Our contestants were cattle called, as per usual. Haley was the first to be named safe, and I was very pleased. Hopefully America is beginning to see what I see. Next, Scotty, Lauren and Casey were all told to…you know, chill out. James was told he was safe, leaving Jacob and the other three to keep guessing. Rounding out the top three was Lauren! GO TEAM WHAFFLE!

That meant that in our bottom 3, for the first time ever, was golden boy. I don’t get that…it was by far his best performance, best performance of the night as far as I was concerned, yet he wound up in the bottom 3 for the first time? Oh well, he wasn’t the one going home. Between Jacob and Casey, we said goodbye to….

Casey Abrams. I didn’t expect this, but we all knew that it was a matter of time before Casey left us once again. After receiving the save, he made great use of his second chance, but it was glaringly clear that he was on borrowed time. I’ll fault this to Casey constantly showing us three different sides, and never settling on one single identity. Personally, I loved all three sides, and he would have been in my personal finale, but the voters have spoken. You will be missed Casey!

Until the tour!


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