Charice – Before it Explodes

At only eighteen years old, Charice has a voice that easily surpasses even the greatest of divas. She can easily sing on par with the likes of Christina, Adele, Beyonce, and Leona. Yes…her voice is just that good. However, in today’s pop market, a great voice does not always equal a pop hit.
I anxiously awaited her debut album, and “Pyramid” had about as much success as I had expected. That is to say, it got released, it cracked the top 40, and then it went away. Had “Reset” been released, I thought it would have had a bit more success. Regardless, talent like hers can’t be denied. She’s hard at work on her sophomore album, with the lead single being “Before it Explodes.”

How does “Before it Explodes” sound? Co-written by Bruno Mars, it should be a hit, but pop power ballads simply aren’t popular today. Lets rank Charice’s new single then shall we? Here’s the verdict on “Before it Explodes.”

The Good;

  • It goes without saying that Charice’s vocals are simply flawless. Flawless, you hear? Flawless. She’s able to go from a soft tone in the beginning, quiet, pure, and welcoming. Then, in the chorus, she brings out the full power concealed in those lungs, and blows the speaker system to bits.
  • The lyrics are surprisingly deep and mature. The song tells the story of letting a relationship end before things get too…violent?
  • The song features a pleasant pop beat that gives the song a dramatic and emotional sound.

The Bad;

  • This song doesn’t really have a hook or anything for you to really grab onto and get stuck in your head. It’s got a great melody, but it isn’t anything that your going to hum to yourself.
  • I don’t know if I see the radio going crazy over this song. It just doesn’t have that kind of radio-friendly sound.
  • This song has a pop-rnb sound that’s both too pop to be rnb, and too rnb to be pop. I don’t really know what to do with that.

The Verdict; 2/5
I love, love, love Charice, but I really can’t honestly say that this is one of her better songs. I can’t fault Charice in any way; her voice is flawless, and she gave the song 100%. Anyone else singing this song simply wouldn’t have done as well…including Alexandra Burke. Yes, theres a reason that she decided to pass on this song. It’s a bit generic and easily forgettable, and in my opinion, not good enough for Carice. There’s no doubt in my mind that she is well on her way to becomming the next big diva. Her talent is simply too strong to deny. However, she’s going to have to rely on her next single, “Louder,” to take her there.

Bruno…you stay away from Charice, you hear?


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