Beyonce – Run The World (Girls)

Happy Easter everyone!

Now, Beyonce has a terrible habit over overshadowing certain events by releasing an album. Usually, that even is a release from one of her Destiny’s Child group mates. Today, she’s releasing a new single to coincide with the resurrection of Christ. Oh Beyonce…always the diva! Her new single is called “Run The World (Girls).” Is this a good Easter present, or did I happen to stumble upon the rotten egg? Let’s take a look at the breakdown shall we?

The Good;
• This song had a strong electronic hip-hop beat that borrows heavily from trance music. It had to have been sampled from somewhere, because I’ve heard the exact same beat in several other songs. It’s catchy whatever it is.
• Aditionally, a heavy military drum line was incorporated into the song, giving it an “girl power” anthem type of sound.
• I get the feeling that this is going to be one of those “sing along” dance floor anthems, especially for the ladies. There’s a kind of call/answer thing going on between the listener and B, and every time Beyonce says “Who run the world?” I can see the entire club yelling “GIRLS!”

The Bad;
• Beyonce has a fantastic voice…when she uses it. This song produces a really weak vocal performance from the self proclaimed diva, and it’s really disappointing.
• It seems like Beyonce is happily jumping on the electro-hip-pop bandwagon, along with Gaga, J.Lo, Perry Rihana and Kesha. Do we really need another one? Against the competition, this song just doesn’t hold a candle. Where’s the rnb diva that we all loved?
• “We run this motha” is used as one of the hooks, and it just seems unnecessarily and uncharacteristically vulgar coming from Beyonce.

The Verdict; 2/5
This song is pretty forgettable, and just doesn’t hold up against the onslaught of dancefloor material that’s overtaking the airwaves right now. Beyonce, like so many others, seems to have traded her signature diva persona in favor of being trendy. It just doesn’t work. “Run The World” is a mediocre hip-pop song, and although it will have the club moving, it’s a terrible disappointment for anyone expecting anything from Beyonce.


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