The Verdict on Idol: Top 7 results

After last night’s round of lukewarm performances, we were treated to an absolutely cringe inducing results show. Seriously, whoever is in charge of the group performances needs to die. And what idiot thought it would be a good idea to have the brainchild behind the Pussycat Whores choreograph the performances? Robin Antin is a living Bratz Doll that should probably just stop. You hear that Robin? Just stop.

First up was Lauren, Haley, Jacob, and Stefano singing a song that was meant for one person to sing. Seriously, a group performance of “Hey Soul Sister?” It was a mess vocally. Jacob and Stefano were once again over singing, and the choreography was just terrible. It was like something I’d see at an amusement park. James, Casey, and Scotty sounded much better on Viva La Vida, but the choreography was just sooo….bad.

Our Idol alumni performance came from David Cook, who is not dead apparently. His new song is…ok. It’s a song right? I get the feeling that RCA is really just looking for a way to get him out of his 2 album deal so that they can send him on his way.

Katy Perry treated us to the strangest performance to ever happen on the stage. The lasers were cool, but did Katy seem absolutely bored to anyone else? She seemed like she just wanted to get off the stage, get out of the 12 pounds of makeup, put on some crocks, and watch a rerun of The Big Bang Theory. She was not in it at all, and it showed in her monotone vocals. However…I’m fairly sure that that’s her true vocal range. Meh.

We got to see the Idols get treated to some downtime. Haley’s good a bowling, Jacob furthered his divatude at the spa, and Scotty like baseball. Whatever.

The first member of the bottom 3 was Jacob, with Stefano following behind him. Between Scotty and Haley, Haley was told to sit down with the other two before immediately being told to go back to the couches.

Going home is…
Stefano Langone. I’m not surprised at all, but I do think that Jacob should have gone first. Stefano had a good ride. He gave some solid performances, had a marketable style, and did well for a wildcard. I could see him cutting an album and doing fairly well on Billboard, though he might want to join a boyband first. I’ll miss him, but it was simply his time to go.
We’re now down to the top 6! More than halfway to a new Idol-champ! The competition is heating up, and now its absolutely crucial to deliver stand out performances. We’ll see how they do next week.

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