The Ready Set – Forever Young

I live in a town with quite a few local colleges, and right now, it seems like each of them is having a competition to see which one can get the best celebrity to perform on campus. Our rival school just had Yellowcard, while the other school just announced that B.o.B. will be performing on their campus. Our school decided that The Ready Set would be some good competition.
Now, I’ve never actually heard anything by the Ready Set until a few days ago. I decided that I would check out their material to see weather or not I should but a ticket to the show. First, I was surprised to find out that The Ready Set is a “he” rather than a “they.” This is apparently the solo project of Jordan Weizer..weis…some kid named Jordan with a terrible haircut. He has a new song out, hence the tour, so I decided to check it out.

This new song is called “Forever Young.” It’s a powerpop number that cashes in on the electropop movement going on in today’s pop market. Is it enough to get me to go to the show? Here’s the verdict on The Ready Set’s “Forever Young.”

The Good;

• This song tries to follow the dance-pop trend, and does a good job at creating a fun, infectious dance beat. Thank you Cataracts, you never let us down!

The Bad;

• I’m really not a fan of this kid’s voice. It’s very emo, whiney, and nasal. It just doesn’t mesh well with the dance beat, and it’s kind of annoying to listen to.
• The verses of this song are delivered in a very Kesha like sing-talk manner. It’s lame and very copycat.
• The lyrics just drive me crazy. They’re really juvenile, bratty and annoying. It’s like Avril Laveign wrote them. Combine this with the annoying vocals, and this song quickly becomes a headache.

The Verdict; Bad

Annoying voice, annoying lyrics. You tell me. This song is a headache with a catchy dance beat, and you know what? There are better dance songs out there right now. This song isn’t made for club, it’s made for a middle school dance. I’m in college, and I can’t see myself or anyone I know liking this song. The Ready Set tries to be cool and trendy, and winds up coming off as a wannabe and a poser.

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