New Boyz – Crush on You

When The Stunners were still together, they introduced me to the New Boyz by featuring them in their song “Dancing Around the Truth.” I never even made the connection between those two and that “You’re a Jerk” song that I hear now and then.

They’ve recently released a new single titled “Crush on You.” From what I can tell, these guys have been hard at work making music for awhile, and yet in the three years they’ve been active, we haven’t seen an album release. If this song serves as any indication of what their album will sound like, would that be a good or a bad thing? Lets find out, shall we?

The Good;

• I can’t say how irritated I am with the state of hooks in today’s hip-hop songs. It’s usually a single three words phrase repeated over, and over, and over, and over…and over….and over again. This song is no exception with constant repetitions of “I gotta crush on you, crush on you, crush on you, crush on you.” However, as soon as it might become annoying, they cut it and start a new verse. It makes all the difference in the world; the difference between catchy and irritating. This song’s hook is quite catchy!

• The beat is a definite people mover. Catchy and infectious with heavy hip-hop beats, this song will get people grooving on the dance floor. Also, its really nice to see a departure from the electronic techo beat that plagues many hip-hop songs today.

• The New Boyz have a really nice style of rapping. Despite their young years, they easily exceed many other hip-hop artists that are topping the charts. Their voices are smooth but fierce, and slice through each word as they steadily move along.

The Bad;

• This song features YG, but you would never know it. Does he even have a verse in the song at any point? I couldn’t tell.

• There is a whistling sound in the back ground that I really wish wasn’t there. After while, it gets kind of irritating.

• The lyrics straddle the line between edgy and appropriate, and it leaves an awkward taste in my mouth.

The Verdict; Good

I must say that after this song, I’ve become a fan of the New Boyz. “Crush on You” is a catchy dance track that does what most hip-hop songs being played right now get wrong. These guys deserve some fame and recognition, and when their album finally drops, I really hope they’re able to achieve success.

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