The Verdict on Idol; Top 8 results

It’s Thursday, Thursday, someone gets eliminated on Thursday! Oh Rebecca, you always know what day it is!

Anyway, I’ll make this short because I didn’t actually watch the episode. What can I say? I can’t actually take this show seriously when people like Pia Toscano come in 9th place. Did tonight’s elimination do anything to restore my faith?

Our bottom 3, from what I am told, was Stefano, Haley, and Paul. Pretty accurate, no complaints from me. Then again, at this point, anyone except James and Scotty is fair game.

Leaving us tonight is….
Paul McDonald. Finally.
Now don’t get me wrong, Paul is a unique artist with an established style and professionalism that made each of his performances unique and exciting. However, when compared to the other contestants, his vocals were bottom tier. The judges seemed to constantly overlook this fact, and as a result, this elimination is long overdue. He was just not the type of artist that should have made 8th place on American Idol. South by Southwest? Hell yeah! No doubt that Paul and the Grand Magnolias are going places, and that we will see him again. I look forward to his future releases, because I feel like an indie label is the right outlet for him. Best of luck in your future endeavors Paul, and I look forward to seeing you on tour.At this point, I feel like I should give my predictions as to how the rest of the season will play out. We’re almost at the halfway point, and we need to loose one more person until then. Here’s my guess on how the season will play out…

7. Stefano – We’ve had the biggest shocker in Idol history, so this one is a safe bet, and for now, safe is good.6. Lauren – Lauren has been consistently good, but at a certain point, good isn’t good enough. I don’t see her going as far as may think she will go.

5. James – James has been consistntly top notch, but I think that his hard rock style will alienate some voters, causing him to go out sooner than he should.

4. Casey – Casey is one of those that moves up and down each week. He’s been both forgettable, and incredible. Given that America has voted him out once already, I’m not sure if he can make it to the top 3.

3. Jacob – I really don’t want to put up with Jacob until the top 3, but he has a solid grasp on a voting demographic, and that will win him a trip to the top 3.

2. Haley – Haley will win alot of votes from the cast offs. She may even steal Jame’s votes if she keeps on rocking. This will carry her into the top 2.

1. Scotty – Scotty will win this. He has established himself as an artist, and America loves him. He can do no wrong.


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