The Verdict on Idol: Top 9 results

After last Wednesday night’s round of performances, I predicted that Stefano would be getting the boot. Now, instead of tuning into the results show, I decided to check out my college’s singing competition and support my friends. While the difference between American Idol and a college karaoke contest was obvious, I must say that some of the contestants would have easily fit in with the top 9.

So, it seems that I missed some terrible guest performances. Season 4’s grease ball and suspected rapist, Constantine came back. I checked his performance out on Youtube, and cut it off about half way. Why was he back?

Gwen Stefani apparently gave the contestants some fashion advice. Yes contestants, do take fashion advice from the one and only “Hollaback Girl.” What could possibly go wrong?

Now, on to the results. I called my father right after the results had happened. First, I asked him to tell me the bottom 3.

Jacob, Stefano, and Pia. Well, I got two out of the three. Personally, I can’t believe that Paul is still coasting on through, but he did get the pimp spot, so whatever. At least Jacob finally got a wake up call.

The I asked my father to tell me who was the first one sent back to the couches? It was Jacob. What? Seriously? Well ok then, Stefano, it was nice to meet you, but…wait, what?

Pia went home?

Seriously? No, Dad…seriously. Who went home? Your not joking…well then…that’s disappointing.
That’s what our conversation was like. Pia Toscano, the woman I called the winner a few weeks ago…is going home 9th? Over Paul, Stefano, Jacob, and even Casey?
What the hell America? I’ve ranked Pia in the top half every week. She’s even been #1 on multiple occasions! She may have even been the best technical singer that Idol has ever had! Every week she delivered one solid performance after another, and now she’s gone, just like that?
Who or what is to blame for this travesty? Is it the judges for criticising Pia while slathering the boys with undeserved praise? Is it the tweentarded fan girls who only vote for the cute boys? Is it Pia for not connecting with the audience? We can never know for sure, but one this is universally known.
Pia Toscano did not deserve to go home.
And really, America? A fifth woman? Don’t get me wrong, Ashthon and Karen went when they were supposed to. Thia and Naima were a fluke due to the double elimination. This? This is just a travesty that shows that women really can’t succeed on this show anymore. I don’t want to cry sexist, but there doesn’t seem to be any other way to explain it when all 6 men still walk free, while Pia heads home. This is by far the most shocking and unjustified elimination in Idol’s 10 year history.

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