The Verdict on Idol: Top 11 Results…Again

So, after last night, it was anyone’s game. The steaks were higher than ever, as two…TWO…were going home. After a whole bunch of meaningless BS of course.

First, we had a few group performances. First up was Scotty and Lauren, who did a duet of “I Told You So,” by Randy Travis and Carrie Underwood. This was a great pairing, because like Carrie, Lauren has a huge voice, and like Randy, Scotty can’t go any higher than his regular speaking voice. Putting the two next to each other made it glaringly obvious that Scotty is one of the weakest vocalists left. Thank god for his remarkable tone and country boy charm.

Next up was an absolutely terrible duet between Jacob and Naima. They tried to sing “Solid,” and it was probably the cheesiest thing I’ve ever heard. Jacob trying to dance next to Naima was just hilarious, because…you know…he has less rhythm than Scotty. It didn’t help that he messed up the lyrics and threw off his partner either. It was awkward to the max.

Next, we had a girl group! Yay! Pia, Thia, and Haley got to do some Katy Perry. It was probably the best group performance, even if it was extraordinarily karaoke, and lacking in any choreography. However, the three sounded good together, and given the fact that The Stunners, The Pussycat Dolls, and Danity Kane have all broken up…that makes these three America’s best girl group!

Our last performance was a band formed by James, Paul, Casey, and Stefano. Yes..three white guys with guitars, and an the ethnic kid with a piano. Their performance of “Band on The Run” was pretty awful, and I attribute that to the fact that they made Stefano sing a rock song, and the fact that they made Paul sing.

Hopefully the guest performances would be better, right? Well…Fantasia was back, and she sang the Cracker Barrel menu. Seriously, the girl looked a hot mess, and her song sucked flat out.

Will.I.Am returned to the stage with Jamie Fox, and sang a song about cartoon birds that was comprised of a grand total of 14 words repeated over and over. It was terrible. At least we got to see some interesting choreography and copeira dancing. So what…was Ashlee Simpson busy this evening, or what?

On to the results! Our bottom 3 this even included Naima, Thia, and Paul. Naima wasn’t a shock, as she delivered a weak performance. Paul flat out sucked, so his presence in the bottom 3 was both welcomed, and long overdue. However, Thia delivered her best performance last night, and did not deserve to be there at all. Unfortunately, she came off a series of passable performances, and lost most of her momentum. It was too little too late. And leaving us is……

Surprise, surprise, Thia and Naima. Yes, America has created a nice sausage fest for themselves…once again. Not only did we loose two girls who didn’t deserve to go, but we lost our most creative and unique contestant, Naima, as well as Thia, who was just starting to hit her stride. It’s a decision that I don’t agree with at all…not while Paul and Stefano walk free.
It’s clear on this show that the women have less of a margin for error than the men do. Aside from Casey *almost* getting voted off, the first four contestants to go have all been ladies. Pia, Lauren, and Haley better start bringing it if they want to represent the girl power. However, each year, arounf this time, the competition divides itself into two groups; those who can win, and those who are just hanging on. Naima and Thia both showed that they had potential to be in the top group, but never really delivered with the consitency of thier better contestants. The rest of the contestants in the bottom group; Paul, Stefano, and Jacob, will surely begin to drop one by one, leaving us with an even split, well deserved top 6.

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