Saliva – Badass

With all of my American Idol obsessing, I feel like I needed a little rawk in my life. Today, I was listening to a local rock station as they were talking about new album releases. They happened to mention Saliva’s new album, and I happened to be curious. I’ve heard the name thrown around before, most notably, I remember it being on one of the “Now” cds, back when people actually bought mix cds. Turns out they’ve had quite a few alt-metal hits over the years. This month, they came back with a new album, and a new single titled “Badass.”

I’ve been looking for some new rock music, and this along with Seether’s new release were welcomed entries in the hard rock genre. Is Saliva’s new track as “Badass” as it claims to be? Here’s my review of the new song.

The Good;• The rolling guitars and hard drums give this song a great metal sound that is indeed perfectly “badass.” Get the horns in the air, and proceed to headbang.
• The guitar breakdown in the middle is really great, and I wish that there was more of it.

The Bad;• As far as lyrics go, there’s nothing good about this song. The chorus is essentially the phrase “Cause I’m a badass” repeated over and over. Nothing sounds less badass than some metal head repeatedly saying how much of a badass he is.
• Vocals are nothing too special. It’s rap metal, but the rapping is really just a bunch of shout-talking. There really isn’t any sort of melody, rhythm, or flow. I feel like I’m being shouted at.
• The sound stays stagnant through out most of the song, with only a small breakdown in the middle. It starts in one place, and never really ventures anywhere else.

The Verdict; 1/5
I can’t really feel too badass while listening to a song called “Badass.” Sure, it’s a great head banger, and in a moshpit this song is probably awesome, but as a stand alone song, it kind of sucks actually. “Badass” it is not. Apparently, it was used as the theme to Saw 3d, which is fitting because that movie sucked.

However, while listening to this song, I got to listen to a few other tracks off of Saliva’s new album, and they’re all much better than this one, though considerably less radio friendly. It doesn’t seem like a bad album, but oh my god does the first single suck.


2 responses to “Saliva – Badass

  1. Honestly, I've never understood why people like this band and why they still get radio play. The song has no memorable riffs, no catchy chorus, and some incredibly ridiculous and pretentious lyrics. Whenever I hear it, I literally change the station in disgust.I feel like we're back in the 80's during the hair metal days. A lot of bands back then got away with terrible songs (not all, of course). Most of them were generic guitar riffs strung together with asinine 8th grade-level lyrics about girls or fame, and very little else. Creativity was almost an afterthought. A lot of these bands followed that bland formula and suddenly they were all over the radio.Saliva, along with Buckcherry, is classic 80's metal recycled for the 21st century. What a shame.

  2. Haha, I think you've said it better than I could! I agree, alot of modern rock is strait trash. But then again…pretty much everything the radio plays is.Even after listening to Saliva's full album, there wasn't anything at all special or memorable. In fact, I'd like to write up a full negative review when I get time.

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