C.N. Blue – Intuition

C.N. Blue had an incredible debut a few months ago. In fact, they were largely expected to win the “best debut artist” award at the M.A.M.A. awards…until a girl group known as Miss A came in and took over. Their debut track, “Love, Love, Love” had a really unique sound, and I was really hoping that they would be able to take down Miss A and their admittedly incredibly sexy dancing.

The band has recently released the video for their comeback single, “Intuition.” This song features a more rebellious “bad boy” concept, but the sound is relatively the same; possibly a little bit heavier than their upbeat debut single. Either way, I was greatly anticipating their return. Does the bad boy thing work for C.N. Blue? Here’s my review of “Intuition.”

The Good;• This song has a light pop-rock sound, with a little bit of funk. Its very reminscent of Maroon 5’s sound. However, the rapping gives it a unique Korean flair that keeps it from being too similar.
• The lead vocalist has a nice rasp to his voice that makes him stand out from other vocalists, yet he fits with the pop sound well enough.
• The melody is very catchy and upbeat. It’s nice that it has a rock edge. It stands out from pretty much everything else being promoted right now.

The Bad;• “Step by step, one two three,” the refrain can get annoying. It sounds like something that came out of a Disney musical.
• The music video is a little strange. I like the “rebel” concept, but I really don’t get why they’re vandalizing cars and buildings. I’m kind of rooting for the security guards that try to stop them. Good band or not, you just can’t spray paint your name on my car!
• It’s a little bit too poppy. I would have liked to hear them really turn up the rock and just go all out.

The Verdict; 3/5
When compared to all of the electro-dance-pop tracks, this is a very unique track, but is still catchy and upbeat enough to be a hit. “Intuition” is simply a track that does everything right. Sure, it would have been nice if it was an all out rock track, but that’s not what C.N. Blue is. Like Maroon 5, they make catchy pop-rock music, and the Kpop scene really needs more of that. C.N. Blue has another hit on their hands, and I’m excited to see them promote this song on the music shows!


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