Jennifer Lopez – On The Floor

Because I’m on an American Idol kick, I felt that I might as well keep up with it. Since they just debuted Jennifer Lopez’s new music video, it seemed only right to review it.

Jennifer Lopez was it a few years ago. She was an excellent dancer and performer, not a terrible vocalist, and she was releasing hit after hit. Then she took a five minute break, but when she came back, she didn’t seem to have the same fire she had before. Her new video, “On The Floor,” is a welcomed comeback to the pop scene, but does it reclaim J.Lo’s former glory? Lets see…

The Good;
• This track feature guest rap verses from Pitbull, and they’re awesome. Seriously, something about the beat and his gruff voice really add a nice flavor to the song.
• This track is a definite attempt at getting into the current Clubcore scene. This song sits next to other electro-dance-pop tracks nicely, and is definitely club-ready.
• Brazil, Morocco, London, New York and even a shoutout to Africa! I love listening to music that makes me feel worldly!
• This song probably should have been full of autotone, and yet, I hear none.
• This song uses the accordion to bring some Latin flavor in a catchy and unique way. It’s infectious!

The Bad;
• The chorus is definitely lacking. No song should have a hook made entirely of “La la la”s. Its just lame.
• Jennifer is a decent singer, and I wish she would have used her voice to its potential.
• The lyrics are really cheesey, lame, and uncreative. This song was probably written in about 10 minutes.
• The beat comes off as a rip off of Edward Miles’s style. Granted, any song with an accordion and a club beat will….but still.

The Verdict; 3/5
You know, this is the kind of song that I love to review. I have just as many reasons to love it as I do to hate it. I’m on the line. In-between. On the fence. I’m not turning the radio up, but I’m not turning it off either.
I had to grapple with this song for awhile to figure of weather or not I really liked it or not. In the end, this song isn’t anything groundbreaking or exciting. It’s just a good dance track. However, what else does it have to be? Unlike most other dance tracks out there, Jennifer can pull it off with an exotic flair and a class that’s mostly absent from the clubcore scene. For that I give her props.


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