The Verdict on Idol; Top 12 Girls

Last night, then men delivered solid performance after solid performance. Could the ladies deliver? For the most part, that answer is a horribly un emphatic “yeah.” Here’s the thing I’m starting to realize; the new stage is awesome. So awesome, that it makes even average performances seem better than they would have been on the old, rinky-dink semi-final stage. Make of that what you will.

For the most part, the ladies all performed well. However, unlike the guys which could easily be broken into Good and Bad, most of the ladies performed at relatively the same level. They were all decent verging on good, with few exceptions. Either way, lets rank them, yeah?

Let the gavel drop! Here is the verdict on the top 12 Ladies!

12. Julie Zorilla – Breakaway
Don’t do a Kelly Clarkson song. Not on Idol. Just don’t do it. It won’t work. This didn’t work. Nothing about this went right for Julie. She didn’t sing it well at all, she just kind of stood there and smiled her way through it, and was actually pretty boring. Way to throw it away, Julie.

11. Ta-Tynisha Wilson – Only Girl In The World
Once I heard the music start up, I was ready to be rocked. It’s a great song choice! I just wish she would have sung it well. Ta-ty was all over the place vocally, and missed most of the bigger notes. She performed the hell out of the song, and got us moving, but it was bordering on painful to listen to. I will say this though, she probably sounded better than Rihanna singing live. That’s not much of a complement.

10. Namia Adedapo – Summertime
Namia had potential to come across as a really cool and unique artist. Instead, she came off as an urban Megan Joy. The song choice was cheesy, and fell flat. The singing was good, but so what? The best thing about this was Namia’s unique style and charisma. I will say that the way she worked the stage almost make me like her. Almost.

9. Rachel Zevita – Crimial
Oh Rachel…oh, Rachel, Rachel, Rachel….Rachel. I was pulling for you. I was really rooting for you. When she came out, threw off the cape, and started seducing her way through this sexy jazz song, I was thinking “Girl is gonna nail it.” Then, I slowly started realizing what was going on. She was singing “Criminal,” a song that was perfectly suited for her voice and style…as a rocker chick. That Rachel was gone, and I was left with an understudy from “Cabaret.” The arrangement just wasn’t as good as the original. If she had kept the original arrangement, she would have nailed it, and yet, we got this. You blew it Rachel. I will say this though, Rachel belongs on stage. She had the most charisma out of the girls by far.

8. Kendra Chantelle – Impossible
Previously, I said that Kendra would have had to come out of nowhere and deliver a knockout performance to stand a chance. She didn’t quite do it, but she came pretty damn close! Her performance was shockingly good. She had more soul than most of the rnb singers, and she effortlessly nailed notes I didn’t think she was capable of. Plus, she looks drop dead gorgeous. Kendra probably just missed out on the top 12, but she’s in the running for Wildcard.

7. Lauren Turner – Seven Day Fool
Lauren was the surprise of the evening. She knew that she had some work to do, and she went right at it! She came out with a unique song choice, and tore her way through it. She has a very unique, bluesey voice that could put her right beside the likes of Amy Winehouse, Duffy and Adele while still standing out. She’s an original. She sang well, and performed well, but right now, she’s lacking that extra something. No X-Factor. However, that makes her a prime subject for this show.

6. Haley Reinhart – Fallin’
Its kind of funny that this pretty little white girl can possess so much grit and soul. She ripped her way through this song pretty well, and conveyed it in a great way. I haven’t heard this song in forever, and Haley reminded me why I like it in the first place. The only problem I can see is that Haley is a ray of sunshine, and this was way too dark for her. I would have preferred her to do something more upbeat and girly like “Mercy,” “Piece of My Heart,” or “Fell in Love with a Boy.” She’s in direct competition with Kendra. It’s close, but I think that Haley edged her out by just a smidge.

5. Ashton Jones – Love Over Me
Ashton gave a very standard RnB performance, but in doing so, she did exactly what she needed to do. The judges think that she can go all out and do Whitney and Diana Ross, but Monica is definitely more Ashton’s zone. It was smooth, cool, and contemporary. She sang it well, and with all of the soul and sex appeal that an RnB song requires. It was a good performance that just missed that extra something to be great. She and Ta-Tynisha are direct rivals, and she blew her away. Is it enough to get her through?

4. Karen Rodriguez – Hero/Heroe
Karen walked on to stage and just belted out a Miriah Carey song in two languages and didn’t die. That’s impressive! Karen demonstrated amazing vocal prowess with this brave song choice, and added her own personal charm. However, her performance came off as very pagenty, and kind of boring. Vocally, she knocked it out of the park, but I’m missing that something extra. Based on the vocals, she earned her spot in the top 5, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she missed out to someone who gave a better all around performance.

3. Lauren Alaina – Turn the Radio On
Does anyone else get the feeling that Lauren is that obnoxiously loud school slut that everyone hates? I dunno, just a feeling. Either way, her performance was great. It was energetic, which was almost a breath of fresh air. As I’ve said before, being the only Rodeo Barbie in this competition is going get her an auto pass to the top 12. It helps that she can walk on stage and just rock out and be awesome too.

2. Thia Megia – Out Here on My Own
Either you have it or you don’t. Thia is the youngest contestant on this stage, ever, and yet she outsang most of the competition. What’s even more impressive is that she did it with just the piano, and her huge voice. Best of all, with a song like this, she could have easily came off as too pagenty, but she didn’t. She left out all of the vocal runs, and just obliterated the song naturally. The lyrics are very relevant to a 15 year old girl, and so she even avoided coming off as old fashioned. Thia has to give some serious thought to who she is as an artist, but she’s going to have a lot of time to do that in the top 12.

1. Pia Toscano – I’ll Stand by You
Pia walked on stage, picked an amazing song, and sang it like she was fighting for her life. It was amazing. She earned the first standing ovation of the season, and it was rightly deserved. What more can I say? Look for this girl to be in the finale.

Therefore, you top 5 women will be…
Thia, the adorable pop princess,
Ashton, the RnB diva
Pia, the Singer/Songwriter
Lauren, the Country chick
and Karen, the Latina balladeer

However, I could easily see Karen missing out to either Rachel (never underestimate the niche performers) or one of the soulful White Girls; Lauren T, Haley, or Kendra. Either way, the Wild Card spot will be a fight between one of those three girls; Rachel, Karen, and Haley/Lauren/Kendra (they are all one type, thus one person). I’m still pulling for Rachel.

Tomorrow, we find out who our top 12 is! Who’s excited? This guy!


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