The Verdict on Idol: Top 12 Guys Performance

Tonight, the top 12 guys performed. Overall, it was a strong showing from the men, but the top 5 performers easily rose above the rest. Still, there was only one real trainwreck, and the rest were good to fantastic. If this is any indicator of what is to come, this season is going to be a good one!

Here’s my verdict on the top 12 guys’ performances!

12. Jordan Dorsey – OMG
Jordan has a great voice. However, you wouldn’t know it based on this performance. Jordan is much more contemporary than anyone else in the competition, but that seemed to bite him in the ass. Contemporary music today isn’t…good. On a show like this, a song like that isn’t wise. At all! If you want to do an Usher song, “You Remind Me,” or “Burn” might have saved his ass, but this performance was odd, badly sung, and quite frankly, terrible.

11. Robbie Rosen – Angel
At this stage of the competition, some will rise to the occasion, and some will crack under the pressure. Robbie cracked into a million pieces. The vocals were average at best, and the performance was almost nonexistent. It was a terrible song choice all around. It made him seem 30 years older, and it just paled in comparison to the original. This was one huge misstep for Robbie.

10. Tim Halperin – Street Corner Syphony
This was the epitome of a Cannon Fodder performance. Average song, average vocals, average performance. Average is a dangerous place to be on this show…even worse than bad. Tim has a marketable style and voice, but this middle of the road performance isn’t going to get him anywhere close to the top 12.

9. Paul MacDonald – Maggie May
I’ll admit my own bias. I hate this song. Passionately. Regardless, this was a love it or hate it performance. The judges loved it, but I didn’t. Yes, Paul is unique, and a great performer. However, I find his voice to be terribly annoying. Did he hit any of the notes? Who could tell? I did not enjoy this performance half as much as the judges did.

8. Jovany Baretto – I’ll Be
Jovany can sing really well. However, the stage seemed to just eat him alive. He looked stiff on stage, and it really affected his performance. It’s not enough to get on stage and just look hot and sing well anymore. He lacked emotion, and compassion, thus coming off as robotic. If this was a system like the past few years, he would have done enough to scrape by for another week, but I don’t think this was enough to get through to the top 12.

7. Brett Lowenstern – Light My Fire
Ok, so its no secret that I don’t like the kid. Being completely unbiased, it wasn’t a terrible performance, but it wasn’t very good either. Vocally, he only had about one tenth of the power and grit that the song needs to be good. He had fun and looked comfortable on stage, but will it be enough? Meh…probably not. The hair flicking was annoying. He’s annoying…but he’s still a shining star!

6. Clint Jun Gamboa – Superstiton
Overall, it was a decent performance. It was a great, energetic way to start off the show. However, what did it show us about Clint? Well, he’s an excellent karaoke singer, but that’s about it. I have no idea what kind of artist he’s going to be. He had good stage presence, but he had a few bum notes here and there. Meh. It was goodish.

5. Stefano Langone – Just the Way You Are
Stefano came from nowhere and delivered a strong performance that energized the crowd. He came off as current, marketable, and comfortable on stage. He knows who he is as an artist, and that’s a plus. Sure, he may have missed the high note, but overall, it was a solid performance that proved him to be a true competitor in this competition.

4. Scotty McCreery – Letters From Home
Scotty made an excellent song choice that suited his voice like a velvet glove. Unlike some of the other ballad performers of the night, Scotty came alive, and made it seems like he was actually into his performance. My only complaint is the range of his voice. He isn’t one of the best singers by any means. In fact, I’d easily peg him as the worst technical vocalist. However, the rich tone of his voice more than makes up for it. Plus, Scotty is going to mobilize the Country fans more than Sarah Palin. He’s got this competition on lock.

3. Jacob Lusk – A House Is Not A Home
Sometimes, all you have to do is sing the hell out of a song to become an instant front runner. Jacob did everything right with this song. It was beautifully controlled, and sang with passion, emotion, and above all else, soul. Jacob is not a marketable artist, so this competition is a bit more crucial to his career. However, I have a feeling that he’s going to around for quite a few more rounds.

2. James Durbin
Total rock star right there! I was on the fence about him before, but now he’s become one of my favorites. Idol has had a lot of rockers who were actually posers. James brought the rock, and he brought it hard! Earlier, I said he needed more control in his voice, and he demonstrated that control perfectly. Plus, he performed the hell out of the song! The bigger stage swallowed some of his competition, but James flourished on it.

1. Casey Abrams – I Put A Spell On You
Once again, they saved the best performance for last. Either you have it, or you don’t. Not only does Casey have it, but he’s had it by the tail for awhile, and he knows it. Out of all of the contestants, I think that the only one with as much confidence in his own art has been Adam Lambert. Plus, his gritty soulful, bluesy voice is just out of this world. However, a bit like Adam, I find his personality to be a bit of a turn off. Regardless, he is the one to beat, and was my favorite performer on the night.

There you have it! Your top 5 guys should be…
Casey Abrams, the blues musician
Stefano Langone, the contemporary pop/rnb singer
Jacob Lusk, the soulful rnb belter
James Durbin, the rock star,
and Scotty McCreery, the country crooner

However! I have a feeling that Paul may knock Stefano out of the top 5, leaving him to fight off Clint and Robbie in Wildcard.

We’ll see what happens on Thursday! Tomorrow the ladies fight it out! Can’t wait to see if thier as good as this group of guys!


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