The Verdict on Idol

I’m a huge fan of American Idol, so for the next few weeks, this blog is going to be experiencing a shift in focus. That’s right kiddos! The next few weeks, I’ll be using my supreme judgment to deliver verdicts on the performances of the Idol hopefuls! This is The Good, The Bad, and The Verdict: Idol Style!Now, we’ve finally made it through the audition and Hollywood rounds, which I usually loath. I kept up with the show only casually, mostly due to the fact that I happen to have night class on Wednesday.

First, let me comment on the obvious. How are Stephen and Jennifer doing as judges?
I must say, I expected them to be an epic fail. That’s not because of the lack of Simon, but because I thought Stephen would be a crack pot, and that Jennifer would be too divalicious to care. Boy was I wrong!

I’m really liking the chemistry brought to the table. Stephen is much more coherent and lucid than Paula and Kara ever were, but is still crazy enough to keep you guessing. Jennifer plays the adult in the room, but here’s what I like about here: she thinks with both her emotions and her brain. She’s easily the most tactful judge the show has ever had. Finally, Randy has become significantly more useful now that he’s taking the job seriously. I find him to be much more tolerable now that he isn’t trying to pretend to be relevant, and using the words “yo” and “dawg” every three seconds. The verdict on the judging panel? GOOD!

Now, this season has been noticeably kinder and gentler than previous years, emphasizing the talent rather than the train wrecks. It’s a nice change of pace. However, while hard core fans of the singing, like myself, are enjoying this, the casual viewer who watches for the freaks isn’t tuning in anymore. Good. Go watch Glee or something.

As a result of the new focus, we easily have the most talented top 24 in years. Each year, Idol makes the bold claim that they have “The best talent ever!” Last year, that lie was horribly exposed, leading to the biggest idol disappointment ever. This year, they probably mean it. This year’s top 24 is lacking in the fodder department, and most them seem like they could have potential to make it far in the competition. The voting rounds start in a few days, but lets size up the competition, shall we.

Stay tuned for the next post…


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