The Verdict on Idol: The Girls

With the guys performing tonight, I want to size up the ladies and give my predictions before the action really starts. Lets give them a run down, shall we?

Ashton Jones
Ashton has the whole “rnb diva” thing going on. However, unlike previous years, this diva seems marketable and “current.” I could easily see her in a music video, or hear her on the radio. She’s got the looks, and the voice, but can she deliver? If she makes the same mistakes as people like Lil, and chooses songs that are bigger than she is, she could become toast very quickly.

Haley Reinheart
I was genuinely impressed by Haley’s voice. For being a little white girl, she packs so much soul and grit into her voice. However, like Jacob, she runs the risk of overdoing it. I genuinely liker her voice, and want her to succeed. Although I’ll be rooting for her, her “type” has never done well on the show. I’ll be pulling for this under dog.

Julie Zorilla
Julie is another one oBoldf these ladies who I saw for the first time on the Green Mile episode, and was genuinely impressed. She’s got a fantastic voice, and a marketable style. She could easily impress, and steal the show the way that Kris Allen did two years ago. Julie is one to watch.

Karen Rodriguez
When Karen was walking toward the judges to learn her fate, I instantly thought “cannon fodder.” Then they showed her performance. She’s in direct competition with Julie, but like her, Karen is good. One of the two will be the breakthrough act on this show, and while I bet it’s going to be Julie, I think that Karen is the better of the two. Plus, she seems a bit more apt to singing in Spanish than Julie, and that’s going to build her a fanbase very quickly.

Kendra Campbell
There isn’t much I can say about Kendra. Cannon fodder is much easier to spot with the ladies, and unfortunately, Kendra is it. She needs to really “wow” the audiences if she wants to get through.

Lauren AlainaBold
Lauren is going far in this competition. She has it all; she’s young, cute, great voice, and big personality. However, this type of singer ultimately draws the most haters on the show. Either way, being the only country singer of the females will earn her an auto-pass into the top 12. All she has to do is be passable, and she’s much better than that.

Lauren Turner
Lauren, meet Kendra. The two of you can find the exit together. Nothing about Lauren stands out, so she’s being put in the “cannon fodder” pile. If she doesn’t have a blowout performance, she might as well not even show up to the results show.

Namia Adedapo
Namia has a really unique charm about her. She’s an RnB diva, yes, but not like the show is used to. She’s a little less Whitney, and a little more Corrine Baily Rae, or Lauryn Hill. This could go one of two ways. Either she’s going to be seen as unique, and a breath of fresh air, or she’s going to alienate the audiences and get the boot. It’s really going to come down to song choice with her. Play your cards right Namia…

Pia Toscano
I believe that Pia is our resident chosen one this season. She has a fantastic voice, she’s stunningly gorgeous, and she has a very marketable indie-pop sound. The producers are looking for a female winner this year, and I think that Pia is going to be their female Kris Allen. They’ve kept a low profile on her so far, but look for Pia to impress on Wednesday.

Rachel Zevita
My pick for the ladies! What can I say, I love chicks with raspy voices, and Rachel’s voice is just gorgeous. She can do the rasp, she can do opera, and she can probably find a middle ground in there to do pop. She’s adaptable, and that’s going to help her out with the themed rounds. Also, her sense of style is very unique, and ladies with odd style are very “in” right now. Plus, being the only rocker chick is going to get her an auto-pass to the top 12 regardless of how she does.

Ta-Tynisha Wilson
Like Ashton, Ta-Tynisha is going for the rnb diva route. Like her rival, shes cute, young, and contemporary. However, I feel like her voice probably edges out Ashton, giving her a better chance at making it through. One of the two will go through, but to really make it far in this competition, Ta-Tynisha is going to have to consistently deliver strong performances, because the role of the rnb diva has become more of a position to be filled, rather than an actual public interest.

Thia Megia
She’s young, she’s cute, and she’s Philipeano. She’s going to go far. Being the only 15 year old in the competition will work in her favor, as she’ll have the teen vote all wrapped up. However, as we saw in season 8, she’s going to have to attempt to actually appeal to her teen-based audience, and sing young, contemporary songs. Otherwise, she’s going to appear as too precocious for her teen audience, and pale in comparison to the older singers. Stay young, Thia. I better her some Rihanna or Jordin Sparks coming out of you next week.

The Verdict;
The ladies that will make it through are…

1. Pia Toscano
The chosen one!

2. Lauren Alaina
What more could the producers want than a Taylor Swift wannabe with an actual voice? Shes got all the makings of a teen star, and she’s sucking up to Stephen. Brownie points!

3. Rachel Zevita
Rocker chick! She’s sold.

4. Thia Megia
If she stays young, Thia will have an auto-pass into the top 12. However, one false move and Karen Rodriguez will take your spot! Make wise decisions Thia! No pressure.

5. RnB Diva spot
Aston, Ta-Tynisha, or Namia. Personally, I would pick Namia, but if the voting public has their way, expect Ashton.

This will be a battle between Haley, Thia, Karen, and Julie, depending on which of them doesn’t make it in already. Only one of Karen or Julie will make it in, so my money is on one of those two, or Thia. Haley, I love you, but your going to have to pull some magic to make it in.


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