Big Bang – Tonight

After a two year absence in the Korean market, my favorite guy group returns. That’s right, baby! Big Bang is back!

Now, they haven’t been gone per se. G-Dragon and TOP have collaborated and had a successful run with their duet mini-album. Similarly, Seungri and Tae Yang had successful solo releases, and of course there were always their Japanese releases, which I always felt paled in comparison to their Korean efforts.

Regardless, the fearsome five are back with the single “Tonight.” How does it stand up against all of the new guy groups that have debuted amid their absence? Are they still as relevant as they were in 2008? Do they still have the touch? Here’s my verdict on their comeback single, “Tonight.”

The Good;

  • At this point in their career, I don’t think that I have to say that each member is bringing it. GD and TOP have awesome rap verses, Daesang and Tae Yang can sing their asses off, and Seungri is awesome at whatever he’s doing. The talent is simply overflowing here.
  • The techno-dance beat works well with the boys’ style. This is a definite club track with a unique hip-hop flair. It’s fresh, and original while still being current and recognizable. That’s quite a feat!
  • This song is well paced while integrating different sounds. Low key at first, the electronic beat builds into a crowd mover before slowing down and integrating a simple acoustic guitar. It’s a song that keeps moving, keeps changing, and keeps growing.

The Bad;

  • Some fans have complained that the track lacks a certain energy that Big Bang is known for. Their point is valid. This is a song that needs to be listened to at full volume to really enjoy.
  • The hook could be better. The beat gets stuck in my head more so than the actual song.

The Verdict; 4/5
Since its release earlier today, this song has been lighting up the charts. And not just the Korean ones! Currently #9 on US itunes, this song shows strong hit potential world wide. Could Big Bang beat out the Wonder Girls in terms of a US debut? After this song, I’d have to say absolutely. Big Bang is showing the English speaking world how to do it right; with finesse, talent, creativity, and class. Are you listening Ke$ha? Enrique? Fergie and Friends? This is what you should be doing. Take notes. Big Bang is the next big thing.


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