G.Love and Special Sauce – Fixin’ To Die

I’m the type of person who’s always looking for something new to listen to. Awhile ago, I started working with a new girl who has a unique taste in music. In a casual conversation, she mentioned that she was a huge fan of this band called “G.Love and Special Sauce.” I never gave it any thought, because well…I didn’t think that our tastes were compatible. However, when I saw their new album, “Fixin’ to Die,” under the new releases, I decided to throw caution to the wind and check it out.

I’ve never seen a band that has so many different labels on Last.fm as these guys. Their profile has them labeled as “Blues,” “Hip-Hop,” and “Rock.” That’s quite the combination. G.Love and Special Sauce has effectively created an eclectic genre of music that has been labeled by critics as “Alternative Blues.”

“Fixin’ to Die” is the first single from the new album of the same name. How does their unique sound measure up? Here’s my verdict!

The Good;• This song heavily features elements of Blues, Country, and Americana. Laden with harmonicas, a clapping beat, and soulful vocals, this song has a classic sound. It’s sure to take you to the front porch of a tin-roof shack in the middle of Louisiana.
• Distinguishing this song are the clapping beat and vocals that beg you to chant along. Unique, alternative, and catchier than Ke$ha’s latest. Now that’s a feat!
• Beautiful harmonica tune!
• The fact that this song uses a “back to basics” approach is very pleasing. No electric guitars, no pounding drums, none of those blues-rock cheap tricks. This is vintage, classic, blues with a contemporary twist!

The Bad;• G.Love’s vocals are full of soul, but I don’t know if his voice is suited to a soulful song. They get kind of whiny at parts.

The Verdict; 3/5
Oh yeah, this song is good. So good! Like…I may have a new favorite band good. Since listening to this song, I’ve been going through their releases, and I think I like their older, more hip-hop inspired material better, though “Fixin’ to Die” is an excellent song as well. I must say, G.Love and Special Sauce has made a new fan out of me! I’m just horribly disappointed that it took me so long to find them!

Side note, they do a mean cover of “50 Ways To Leave Your Lover” on this new album!


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