Black Eyed Peas – Just Can’t Get Enough

It’s been a few weeks since the Black Eyed Peas embarrassed themselves on national television during the Super Bowl’s super train wreck performance. To be fair to the peas, I didn’t think that it was the massacre that the media made it out to be. Granted, it wasn’t very good, but not as horrible as everyone made it seem. In fact, I enjoyed parts of it.

Regardless, the Peas have put “The Time” behind them, and are pushing their next big hit, “Just Can’t Get Enough.” Now, I was a huge fan of the Peas back when they were fresh and funky, and making real fun, high energy hip-hop music. “The E.N.D.” was a nice change in style, but I really do miss the old days when I could listen to a Peas album, and feel like I was actually listening to music rather than my computer malfunctioning at a rave.

As such, “The Beginning” is the first Peas album that I decided to skip out on buying. However, this new single may or may not change my mind. How did I like it? Here’s my review of “Just Can’t Get Enough.”

The Good;
• Taboo’s rap in this song is one of its high points. I always did prefer his style over Will’s sing-talk style of rapping.
• Fergie’s can sing when she wants to. She sounds really good in the opening of this song, showing off her upper register. I prefer her rich lower register, but she does sound good!
• It’s nice of them to release a songs that’s more somber and laidback. It’s a nice change of pace from…everything that they’ve released since Boom Boom Pow. This track feels a lot more down to earth than most of their other singles, and that is much appreciated. This song feels like it could have easily been placed on “Monkey Business,” and I’ve been wanting to see those Black Eyed Peas again.

The Bad;
• Its not a very danceable tack, though at the end, when the electro-beat drops, it thinks that it might want to try to be one. It just ruins the song to me, and screams “desperation”.
• I find Will’s rapping to be more of the same. You could easily super impose his rap verse from any other song onto this one, and I probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Alos, Apl De Ap’s overly autotoned rap is highly disappointing.
• The lyrics aren’t bad, but they are pretty “meh.”

The Verdict; 2/5
I debated with this song for awhile. While I don’t hate it, I don’t love it either. In the end, I wanted to give it a “good” rating simply due to the fact that this song moves closer to their older material, but even so, it just doesn’t measure up to their classic sound. More over, this song tries to be trendy, but it isn’t needed, and just comes acorss as a cheap trick. At one time, the Black Eyed Peas were the freshest group on the scene. Now, instead of setting the trend, they’re following it closer than anyone else.


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