Rihanna – S&M

Rihanna has recently released the follow up single to “Whats My Name,” titled “S&M.” I must say that overall, I wasn’t pleased with the direction taken by “Rated R.” Sure, it had a few awesome songs like “Te Amo,” “Firebomb,” and “Rude Boy,” but overall I didn’t like the dark and grimy artistic direction. I had big hopes that “Loud” would see Rihanna return to the diva that she was on “Good Girl Gone Bad.” The new album’s first single was a great, powerful re-debut, so I’m hoping that “S&M,” given it’s obvious content material, is just as good as “Rude Boy.” How does “S&M” rank in the Rihanna songbook? Here’s my verdict on the controversial new single.

The Good;
• Rihanna is obviously following Lady Gaga’s lead, and is relying heavily on electro beats. She’s quickly becoming a club diva with her outlandish outfits and songs that are tailor made for the dance floor.
• The music video is sexy in a unique, colorful and fanciful way.
• Rihanna’s uses her sexy lower register, as well as her belting diva voice. Her vocals shine through when she isn’t being autotoned.

The Bad;
• I find the hook to be annoying. “Ilikeitlikecomeone!” No Rihanna. No I will not. Sing please.
• I can tolerate dirty and suggestive lyrics, but there’s a fine line between tasteful and downright trashy. This song crosses that like way too many times to be comfortable. If comes off as a bit like a cheap whore.
• The lyrics…it’s not that their wrong or overly explicit….but I just don’t get them. It sounds like they wrote this song in about 10 minutes.

The Verdict; 2/5
Eh…I’m just not feeling this song. If it ever came on in a club, yeah, I’d get down. However, I’d much rather hear “Rude Boy,” “Poker Face,” or just about anything else the DJ has in his collection. A huge disappointment after two huge hits, “S&M” comes off as trashy and desperate for attention. Maybe she should collaborate with Kesha on her next single?


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