3 Doors Down – When You’re Young

Coming home from school today, the radio DJ announced “up next, we have an awesome new song from an awesome band.” Now, I’m all about awesome new songs from awesome bands. As the commercials played for the next two years, I wondered who the band could be. U2? Coldplay? Vampire Weekend? There were so many awesome bands it could have been! Turns out, the band that they were referring to was none other than 3 Doors Down, and the song was their new single, “When You’re Young.”

Now, 3 Doors Down has had an impressive career, spanning the past decade with hit after hit. However, in my opinion, their songs are hit and miss. I loved “Kryptonite”, “Shine” and “Away From the Sun”, but couldn’t stand overplayed and over rated hits like “Not My Time”, and “When I’m Gone.” Like I said, hit and miss. With that said, what’s the verdict on “When You’re Young?” Is it another hit, or another miss for 3 Doors Down?

The Good;
• I really like the lyrics to this song. After the recent bullying epidemic, these lyrics resonate loudly with today’s youth. This song speaks about the challenges of not fitting in, finding who you are, and…you know, typical teenage angsty stuff.
• The frontman’s vocals are pretty good. I never really realize how good a vocalist he really was until I really listened to this song.

The Bad;
• This song sounds almost identical to “When I’m Gone,” but then again, all of their songs sound similar, don’t they? After over 10 years of making music, you’d think that they could do something different, right?
• This song just doesn’t have any distinguishing characteristics. Its as bland as vanilla, and sounds a bit like it could have been a demo for Daughtry, Nickleback, The Plain White Tees, or any number of bands. Quite frankly, this song is boring.

The Verdict; 2/5
While I do give the boys credit for writing a great song, it would have been better off given to a band that’s a bit more…interesting. With sound that hasn’t changed since 2001, this song comes off as stale. Some may like this song because they like the classic 3 Doors Down sound, but I’m not satisfied. After ten years, its time for them to do something different. I’m kind of sick of their safe sound, and that’s exactly what it is; safe. Besides, their sound was never “awesome” to begin with. Change it up, take a risk, do something to make me notice you, because unfortunately, this doesn’t cut it anymore.

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