Red – Faceless

I’m not the type of person to go looking for Christian rock. The way I see it, is that if it’s good, it will eventually find its way to me. Such is the case with bands like Skillet and Evans Blue, and singers like Matthew West. I was introduced to Red by a friend of mine who’s pretty much obsessed with the band. I did like their cover of “Ordinary World,” but I haven’t listened to much else by them.

They’ve recently released a new album, “Until We Have Faces.” When I saw this, I decided to give it a listen to see if they would become a part of my regular playlist. Here’s my verdict on the album’s first single, “Faceless.”

The Good;
• The hard rocking guitars, pounding drums, and dramatic string section combine to create a dark and dynamic sound that’s really pleasing to the depressed man’s ears.
• The vocals are quite good as well. Barnes is a great singer with a low, gruff voice that’s melodic enough to sell the song.
• The lyrics are about god, but they don’t have to be if you don’t want them to. I like that ambiguity and room for interpretation.

The Bad;
• Towards the ends, there’s some odd, whispered screaming (?) section thatI just don’t get at all.
• I haven’t gotten though the entire album yet, but I’ve still heard songs that are better than this one, such as the two tracks which follow this song on the album, Let it Burn, and Lie to Me. I question the label choosing this song as the lead single.
• “Can you save me from the nothing I’ve become?” Where have I heard this lyric before? In lyric, sound and style, this song almost mirrors the Evanescence hit “Bring Me to Life.”

The Verdict; 2/5
Good, but not great. “Faceless” is a solid (Christian?) alt-rock track, though it is a bit standard. Regardless, it’s a solid entry to my rock collection, even if it is overshadowed by many of the songs on the same album.


2 responses to “Red – Faceless

  1. this is aa f**king stupid reviewfaceless is a great song its not just good you arsehole and just because your to f**ktarded to understand the whispering in the end is not a reason of why the song sucks you f**k tardgrow up a**ehole its people like you that make songs like this underratedget a real taste in music this song is not cr*p

  2. Wow…how do I even begin to respond to this? It seems a bit like an impossible task, but damn it, I'm going to try like hell!First of all, it would be much easier to understand your complaints if you were at all literate. Punctuation, capitalization and clarity are your friends, dear child.Secondly, I don't understand your complaints at all. You calim that I called the song "crap," which I clearly never did. I like the song, which I have stated numerous times in my review. In fact, I used the term "solid." However, I did point out some things in the song that I didn't like. Its called criticism. Being able to give and respond to criticism is a higher order cognative skill and a sign of maturity, which is in turn, something you could use a bit more of.However, I do thank you for reading, and look forward to your future comments! = )

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