Yellowcard – You And Your Denial

Yellowcard had a huge hit back in 2002. Since then, they’ve quietly released a few albums, achieving only moderate success. They have never achieved the same success of their hit single “Ocean Avenue.” Almost ten years after their mainstream hit, Yellowcard has announced their return with the single “You And Your Denial.” Is this the song to bring them back into the limelight? These are my feelings on Yellowcard’s comeback.

The Good;
• I love that Yellowcard incorporates the violin into their punk sound. It gives them a very distinctive, fresh, and original sound. It also helps bring some melody to their intense sound. It’s a brilliant blend that’s masterfully crafted.
• The violin solo is definitely nice.
• This song takes all of the elements of “Ocean Avenue,” and adds a bit of a darker element to the song.
• With gritty vocals, catchy lyrics, and a unique sound, this song is accessible to all audiences. Hit potential? You bet!

The Bad;
• Whenever I hear that nasal, punk style of singing, I always think of some 17 year old playing in their garage band for the first time. It’s juvenile. Yellowcard has been in this business for over 10 years…maybe its time for a more mature vocal style?
• When you listen to the lyrics, and I mean really listen to them, they seem kind of whiny and annoying. That’s not to say they aren’t catchy, but they could have been better.

The Verdict; 4/5
With “You and Your Denial,” Yellowcard comes back onto the scene like they’ve never left. For the most part, that’s a good thing. “Ocean Avenue” was a huge hit, and this song has the potential to surpass it. This song could be a hit, and Yellowcard has all of the means to deliver more solid tracks on their upcoming album.


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