Deepcentral – Music Makes Me Free

Every now and then, I get tired of American radio playing the same 17 songs over and over. (Seriously, every radio station in the US plays the same 17 songs over, and over. It’s maddening!) When that happens, I like to check out foreign radio online. A while ago, I randomly typed “Romanian radio” into google. Awhile later, I was listening to the top 10 singles in Romania. Quite a refreshing change of pace!

Today, I’ll be reviewing the #5 song in Romania. It is called “Music Makes Me Free,” and it is by Deepcentral. I know nothing about Deepcentral, mostly due to the lack of a wikipedia page. Regardless of background information, my ears work, and that’s all I really need to decide on a verdict for “Music Makes Me Free.”

The Good;

  • Real techno comes from Europe. I’m so sick of this American electro-hip-pop, so hearing a real techno beat made by a real DJ was really nice.
  • Catchy and addicting dance beat. What else would you epect?
  • The vocals during the verses are really pleasing to listen to. The beat gives the song life, but the vocals give the song soul.
  • The music video is really cool. Simple…but cool.

The Bad;

  • I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Autotone sucks. The chorus is entirely autotoned, and while it is catchy, it’s also annoying.
  • The lyrics are kind of lame.
  • This songs takes sometime to really get into. For the first half, I was a bit bored. By the second chorus, I was dancing in my room, but most people won’t wait that long to get into a song.

The Verdict; 2/5
Although I wasn’t initially sold, I came to love “Music Makes Me Free.” It’s a great dance track, and if Edward Maya can have a huge US hit, I’m hoping that more European dance acts can break through as well. Deepcentral has potential to be the next big crossover hit!


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