Cold War Kids – Mine Is Yours

With new releases from Cake, Cage the Elephant, and The Decemberists, this week was great for the indie rock genre. However, there was also a release from a band that I am unfamiliar with. Cold War Kids also released their third album, “Mine Is Yours.” Because I’m always looking to expand my music library, I decided to give their album a listen. Here are my thoughts on the underdog of this week’s string of releases.

The Good;
• Most of the song’s lyrics have an honest and sensitive quality to them. They’re quite pleasing and satisfying to listen to.
• “Skip the Charades” is a touchingly honest ballad, which is the standout track of the album.
• “Finally Begin” is a charming, uptempo song that catches your attention with its 90’s pop-rock inspired sound.

The Bad;
• The current trend in indie music seems to be soul inspired vocals. This group tries to invoke the vocal stylings of Kings of Leon or the Black Keys. They try really, really hard. Unfortunately, they never quite get there.
• The album’s lead single, “Louder Than Ever,” is an annoyingly terrible song which is neither catchy or memorable.
• “Sensitive Kid” features a really cool, almost hypnotic beat, but not much else.
• Most songs on the album simply lack any memorable qualities. Tracks like “Flying Upside Down,” “Bulldozer,” “Broken Open,” “Royal Blue” and even the titular “Mine is Yours” just fade into the background of your memory.

The Verdict; 3/5
Unfortunately, more often then not, the songs off “Mine Is Yours” get lost somewhere between trendy and forgettable. Listening to this album was my first experience with this band, but even I can tell that when put beside other, more popular indie bands like Arcade Fire, Mumford and Sons, The Black Keys and Kings of Leon, they fail to produce anything that stands out as original, fresh, or remotely memorable.


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