JQT – PeeKaBoo

My relationship with JQT is an interesting one. I’ve liked everything that they’ve done, but I haven’t loved anything either. They’re kind of like that kid in class that you keep forgetting is there until you realize that you’re the last two to be picked in gym class. When I reviewed “No Need to Know,” I debated for a good while before deciding that their risk was worth more than the fact that it failed. Well…the girls have a new single out. It’s called “PeeKaBoo.” I’m really hoping that this is the single that either makes me love them or hate them. Either way…just so that I know how I feel about JQT. Here’s my verdict on their new single.

The Good;

  • They’ve been experimenting with their style, trying to figure out what works for them. This time, they tried to be sexy, trendy, edgy and stylish. Personally, I think it worked.
  • The song features a strong electronic beat, a hypnotic chorus, and strong rapping from Min Jung and Ga Jin.
  • Their live performances have so far been very good. Min Jung stands out as the most charismatic member, and together, the girls pull it together.
  • Catchy? This song is a weapon.

The Bad;

  • With this song, I finally put my finger on what keeps me at a distance from this group! They simply aren’t as talented or as charismatic as other groups. Min Sun is especially exposed as the group’s weakest vocalist.
  • To her credit, Min Sun does stand out as the strongest dancer, but their choreography isn’t exactly groundbreaking.
  • The chorus is really repetitive.
  • Their last single had a unique sound and a distinct style. FOr this single, they tried to be trendy, and wound up looking and sounding like every other girl group. They’ve especially drawn comparisons to T-ara during thier “Bo Peep” and “I Go Crazy” promotions.

The Verdict; 3/5



JQT is trying to find their identity, and for some groups that takes awhile. “PeeKaBoo” is an attempt at a sexier, trendier style. Although many other groups have a similar style, JQT makes a valliant effort, and shows that they can do it just as well as the other groups! They still aren’t one of the top groups, but they are an underdog worth watching out for, especially as they find thier own identity.


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