Rise Against – Help Is On The Way

Lately, I feel like I’ve needed some more rock in my life to balance out all of the pop I’ve been listening to, especially since it hasn’t necessarily been good pop music. Browsing through the new rock releases, I noticed a new single from Rise Against. I loved “Savior”, and downloaded a few other tracks from their latest album which I enjoyed greatly. Despite this, I’m simply not familiar with enough of thier work to call myself a fan. As such, I was anxious to give “Help Is on the Way” a listen, hoping to decide how much I actually like this band. Here are my humble thoughts on the lead single from Rise Against’s upcoming album.

The Good;
• I love a socially conscious song, and “Help Is on the Way” says whats on everyones mind in these troublesome times. This song specifically speaks of Hurricane Katrina and the Gulf Coast oil spill, and how they were completely mismanaged. The lyrics are surprisingly powerful, and will resonate with today’s audiences.
• This is a well crafted sound, just like their previous songs. This intense, hard driving, punk sound will make your blood rush from the minute you hear it, and yet it’s still catchy and melodic enough to be a pleasurable listen.
• Lead vocalist, Tim McLlrath, has a great, raw quality to his voice that remains passionate and compelling. He takes the song exactly where it needs to go.

The Bad;
• As I said, I love a socially conscious message, but a song about the Gulf Coast oil spill may seem a bit late. It would have been much more powerful about three months ago. A little late maybe?
• This song simply isn’t as ear catching as some of their previous songs. Its no “Savior.”
• I could do without the screaming. I just don’t think the song needed it, so it comes off as a bit of a cheap trick. The “kitchen sink” if you will.

The Verdict; 3/5
While this song isn’t my favorite track from Rise against, I am diggin’ “Help Is on the Way.” Overall, it is a solid track, and with a strong, socially conscious message, I believe that this song is saying a lot of what we all really want to say to the people in charge. Rise Against has a great sound and I think I’m going to check out their upcoming album. For now, I’m a casual listener, but if the rest of their next album is as good as this track, I could see myself checking tour dates and buying t-shirts.


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