The Script – For The First Time

The Script has recently released their new album, Science and Faith, within the States. Now…I’ve got a love/hate relationship with this band. I first discovered them through a message board when they first came out in Ireland. I had heard “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” way before they were popular in the States. While I liked it, I pretty much forgot about them until the massive success of “Breakeven.” That’s when I jumped back on the bandwagon. I was a huge Script fan until “Breakeven” became a victim of overkill. It was being played on every single radio station, all day, every day! It was inescapable! I began to loath the song that I had once loved. I decided that ti was better if the Script and I took some time apart.

I recently heard that song on the radio a few weeks ago. After our little break, I fell in love with “Breakeven” once again. With that said, I approached the new album with excitement. New material means that their new single, “For The First Time” is free from airplay overkill…for now. But…is the new single good? Here’s my verdict on Science and Faith’s debut single.

The Good;

• The world’s been hit by recession, and this song speaks about that, reminding us that despite our struggles, we have to be thankful for the people around us. It’s a really nice, uplifting, and humbling message.
• Jack Daniels reference! Didn’t expect the lads to be drinking American.
• The piano rock sound is pleasant and melancholy at the same time, which is nice.

The Bad;

• Danny breaks out with these weird sing-rap verses occasionally, and they really mess with the song. Just as it’s pulling you in, these completely unwarranted raps pull you right out.
• There’s some strange moaning where the chorus should be. Seriously, the chorus sucks. Its not at all catchy, and effectively kills the song’s momentum.
• Snow Patrol would like their sound back.

The Verdict;
Oh dear…this is just not a good song. It had a good concept, but it’s just so badly arranged. The weird verses and awful chorus just make this song not at all pleasant to listen to. In my opinion, this was a terrible choice for a first single, especially when you have a true gem like “Nothing” on the same album.


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