Kandies – Como Se Vaz

Kandies is a group unlike anything I usually listen to, and in many ways, is something I’m very familiar with. What I mean is this; they are a Brazilian girl group that I happened to stumble upon. Now, I listen to quite a bit of foreign music, but I’ve never been at all involved with the Brazilian scene. So how did I find Kandies? Well, their video was #1 on youtube, and I happened to click it. There’s not much else to it than that.

Kandies is basically the Brazilian version of the Pussycat Dolls. Carol is our Nicole, the fearless leader who stands in the middle and does 100% of the singing while the other four dance back up. Those other four are Redhead Rebecca, Blonde Suellen, and the Brunettes who do ballet, Giovanna and Barbie. They’ve recently debuted with their single “Como Se Vaz.” Originally, I didn’t want to review it because I’m not familiar with Brazilian music, but I’m always looking for something new, so here’s my verdict on Kandie’s “Como Se Vaz”.

The Good;

  • These girls have loads of talent. Carol is a great front woman. She can sing really well, she’s a great dancer, and she can rap. After seeing a live performance, I even think that she can sing and dance (at the same time) better than Nicole Scherzinger. The four other girls are also incredibly talented dancers, and from something that I read, it seems that they get to sing in some other songs as well.
  • They are stunningly gorgeous, and given what this group is, and what they’re about, I guess that counts for something.
  • The song is very danceable, and has a very exotic South American flavor.
  • Despite the other girls simply being dancers, Carol does give them their moment in the spotlight, and they all get to do a short dance break.

The Bad;

  • The music video is laughably bad. I mean really…it’s pretty terrible. It so obviously green screened that it comes off as cheap, and there several scenes of the girls just standing there and dancing with each other like they’re in a club. No choreography or anything, someone just put them in front of a screen and said “dance.”
  • I know that Brazil is a bit more…liberal when it comes to clothing, but their costumes and dance routines do make them appear somewhat slutty.
  • The song isn’t too catchy. It sounds a bit like a bad Shakira song, and she’s had plenty of duds.
  • These girls come off as a cheap, imitation Pussycat Dolls, and nobody likes a copy cat.

The Verdict; 2/5
Unfortunately for Kandies, their talent is overshadowed by a cheap video, overly risqué costumes, and an overall bad song. Their cover of “Barbie Girl” was much better, but “Como Se Vaz” is simply not good enough to make me become a fan. They have talent, and they can improve. I will be looking forward to their next release, but this song is not a great debut.


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