Far East Movement – Rocketeer

I wouldn’t call myself a full fledged fan yet, but I can’t deny my own bias. I like Far East Movement. Sure, their debut single, “Like a G6” is an amazing club anthem, but I wasn’t sold until I saw their live performance at the Mnet Asian Music Awards. The Movement was in full force, and they completely owned the stage, giving even the most charismatic groups like 2NE1 and Wonder Girls a run for their money. They absolutely killed it with “Girls on the Dance Floor,” which made me wonder if it was going to be the next single. Unfortunately, it is not. = (

The second single of “Free Wired” is a track which features the vocals of Ryan Tedder. Ryan is the creative force behind some amazing tracks, like OneRepublic’s “Stop and Stare,” and Leona Lewis’s “I Got You.” However, he is also the idiot that pushed through such pop trash as Kelly Clarkson’s “Already Gone” and its clone, Beyonce’s “Halo.” I was a bit worried about this collaboration. Was I right to worry? Here’s my verdict on “Rocketeer.”

The Good;
• This mid-tempo ballad shows that The Movement is capable of delivering a diverse range of sounds. This song is a completely different sound from “G6” and “Girls on the Dance Floor.”
• Ryan Tedder is a great singer, and his vocals add to that refreshing sound. His falsetto is particularly enjoyable, and I usually hate falsetto.
• Catchy? Oh, hell yeah.
• Ryan and Bruno Mars were the song writers, so the lyrics are obviously well crafted, and creative, but the rapping keeps it from becoming repetitive, which Ryan tends to do.
• The accompanying music video isn’t ground breaking, but it is highly enjoyable and entertaining.

The Bad;
• Ryan Tedder being on this track somehow dumbs down their sound. Anything remotely unique about Far East Movement’s sound is watered down into a standard pop song.
• The song is well produced…well, except for the syth riffs in the background of the chorus, which I just find irritating.
• This song is different, but different isn’t always good. Far East Movement makes dance floor gold, and I really wish that they would have pushed “Girls on the Dance Floor.” If they wanted a ballad, “Fighting For Air” is a much better song.

The Verdict; Neutral
Well, I must admit…I’m in an interesting position. Personally, I would rate this song as “Bad” because…well…I don’t love it. Simply put, its one of my least favorite tracks off “Free Wired.” Does that make it a bad song? Not by any means…just not my favorite.


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