Avril Lavigne – What The Hell?

Avril Lavigne is back with a new single! Now, I’ve had a love/hate relationship with this little lovely. I loved “I’m With You” and “Happy Ending,” but hated “Girlfriend” and that god awful “Holding On” song from the Eragon soundtrack. However, I was willing to give her new song a chance. For better or worse, here’s my verdict on “What the Hell?”

The Good;• This is a song that will grow on you and infect your brain after only a few listens.
• Upbeat, fun, and sassy lyrics make this a “good time” song.
• The organ riffs give the song a really nice throwback feel while remaining current with its pop-punk sound.

The Bad;• It’s more of the same. We’ve heard better versions of this song from Pink, Kesha, and even Avril herself.
• While the lyrics are fun…they could have been written in about 5 minutes. There’s nothing creative or innovative about this song at all. In fact, it sound completely manufactured, and knowing RCA (her label) it was.

The Verdict; Bad.
As she approaches album number four, Avril has repeatedly said that she want to show a more mature side. If this is any representative of what her next album will sound like, then by “mature” she apparently means going from 15 year old rebel, to 16 year old with a drivers license. Maturity? I think not.

However, the blogosphere has said that this track is Avril’s least favorite track from the album, and that the rest of her material is actually deep, emotional, and creative. This song was apparently pushed by the label to give her a mainstream hit. I can’t say that I’m at all surprised, the same exact thing happened to label mate Kelly Clarkson with “Already Gone.” I’m willing to give Avril the benefit of the doubt, but this song is still trash.


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