The Stunners – Spin The Bottle

I have a not so secret soft spot for girl groups. Booty shorts, catchy pop tunes, and choreographed dances; who could ask for more? With the break up of Danity Kane, The Cheetah Girls, and The Pussycat Dolls, America has been left without a female vocal group…that is, aside from The Stunners.

The Stunners formed n 2009, but after loosing a member and switching record labels, they made their official debut in 2010 with a new member, and their single “Dancing Around the Truth.” These girls show promise. Their members are young, attractive, and multi-talented. Tinashe is a truly gifted vocalist, Allie and Hayley are also capable vocalists as well as instrumentalists (violin and guitar respectively), Marisol is stunningly gorgeous and sophisticated, and Lauren is an incredibly talented dancer. Additionally, each of them have acting credits under their belts. They’re quite the triple threat.

Recently, they released their second self-made music video for “Spin The Bottle.” I’m not sure weather this is intended to simply be a promotional single like “Bubblegum” and “We Got It,” or an official single like “Dancing around the Truth.” Regardless, here’s my verdict.

The Good;

  • The song features a light pop sound, and a danceable beat. It’s quite easy on the ears.
  • Tinashe has an excellent voice which shines through on this track.
  • The sound is a nice change from the electro-pop and techno-hip-hop that’s on the radio today.
  • The song is well choreographed, and Hayley and Lauren are excellent dancers.
  • The girls look stunning in the video. Pun intended.

The Bad;

  • Tinashe is a great vocalists, but shes quickly becoming the Nicole of this Pussycat Dolls. She’s the only one who sings in this track. The 4 other girls don’t even do back up vocals, which defeats the purpose of a girl group.
  • The song itself is kind of bland and repetitive. It lacks any real identity or stay power.

The Verdict; 2/5



I wanted so badly to like this song, but it simply isn’t as good as it needs to be to launch them into the mainstream. I blame it mostly on Tinashe stealing the spotlight and doing ALL of the vocals on this song. Additionally, being a pop song, it just doesn’t have any sort of edge to make it stand out. Catchy, yes, but not catchy enough that I’ll remember it 3 days later.

Edit; From what I understand, “Spin the Bottle” is just a promotional track until they release thier second official single “Heart Stops Beating,” from thier first album. Hopefully that song is better, because this song doesn’t have any hit potential at all.


3 responses to “The Stunners – Spin The Bottle

  1. yeah i agree i love all of them equally but Tinashe can sometimes hog all the spotlight they all sing equally well so they should all have a chance to sing in the songs. but i still love them, but i heard they broke up.

  2. Unfortunately, the rumors of a break up seem to be true. I'm kind of disappointed that I won't be able to hear any of their new material.Girl Groups, or even groups in general, don't seem to be doing too well today, so I was really hoping that the Stunners could have been the next big group…unfortunately that won't ever happen.Looks like its up to the Wonder Girls to bring back music groups.

  3. I really loved the group because each girl had a individual personality and voice but they never got to shine just tinashe was in the spotlight and it felt more like Tinashe and the stunners not them all together… I wish they would stay a band though. :{

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