Tron: Legacy

A few nights go, I had the opportunity to see Tron: Legacy in IMAX 3D. It had been a movie that I had been looking forward to seeing since I had seen the trailer. Since I had never seen the previous Tron film, I was looking forward to some cool sci-fi settings, some awesome action sequences, and a ton of special effects. It definitely delivered, but with some reservations.

Live Avatar, Tron Legacy takes you to a setting that you can easily loose yourself in. As someone who has never seen its predecessor, I was thrown into the world along with Sam. I too, was marveled by the stunning and mysterious setting. The visuals are breath taking, and fully engross you in this created world. The effects are equally dazzling, and many of the action scenes simply leave you wanting more. The lightcycle sequence, of course, was simply awesome. This is one film that benefited greatly from being seen in IMAX3D, and if you want the full Tron experience, you simply have to see it in 3d. Anything else is depriving yourself of an awesome experience.

The visuals are the film’s main selling point. Lets face it…nobody’s going to see Tron for it’s storyline or loveable characters, which is where I was left slightly disappointed. Although I had never seen the prequel, the story was comprehensible, but there were many points that left me wondering not “what happened,” but “why” it just happened. Overall, the story was simple enough to enjoy, but fell flat before I could get into it. The same goes for the characters. We had a great father/son story that held potential for much more emotion than we got. The characters just never really seemed to develop, and as a result, came off as a little bit lifeless and predictable.

The sound track is quite simply absolute genius, which isn’t surprising since it was created by electronica legends Daft Punk. They even got to make a cameo appearance in the film, which was a really nice surprise. The score they’ve created works to completely pull you into Tron’s world. Despite relying heavily on synthesized bleeps and bloops, Daft Punk also utilizes dramatic instrumentals which give full life to the film’s scenes. Simply listening to a track alone takes me back to the original scene, and “Derezzed” and the credit track work as great stand alone songs as well. The score is, quite simply, incredible.

Overall, Tron Legacy is an enjoyable film that delivers stunning visual effects, an amazing soundtrack, and an interesting story that fails to really make an impact as big as its setting. It’s definitely worth seeing in 3d; I can’t imagine it being as enjoyable otherwise.

Verdict; Good.
Stunning visuals, great action sequences, and a great soundtrack. The story sucks, but who cares?


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