Movie Review; Tangled

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of all things Disney. As such, I was waaay more excited for the release of Tangled than an average 22 year old man should have been. Now, as a Disney fan, I can admit that the mouse company has been trying desperately to recapture its former glory in the new century, and has largely come close to hitting the target, but has consistently missed the bull’s-eye while other companies hit it dead on; Dreamworks had massive success with Dragons, as did Universal with the blockbuster Despicable Me. However, Disney has a rubber stamp on the fairytale story. Nobody can do a fairy tale like Disney, and while Tangled probably won’t be a pop culture phenomenon like the other two aforementioned films, it does a pretty damn good job for what it is.

The graphics are pretty dazzling. While avoiding the CGI realism that other movies go for, Disney went for a style that’s in-between CGI and hand drawn. What results is simply beautiful. The world of Tangled is colorful and whimsical, yet realistic and believable at the same time. Its like watching a watercolor painting with the effects of a 3d movie; the water effects are particularly stunning. This is also one of those rare films that benefits greatly from being seen in 3-d. One scene in particular, “The lantern scene,” is simply breath-takingly gorgeous.

I was worried about the type of humor that was going to be in this film. The previews made it seem as if the movie was going to be filled with Shrek’s style of “kids movie that doesn’t want to be a kids move” humor, which only work’s half of the time. Tangled, however, was genuinely funny at times. There were several instances where I was laughing out loud, not because I was supposed to, not because it was “cute,” or because of the nostalgia factor, but because it was genuinely funny. Secondly, the actions scenes were all very well done for a Disney princess movie. The action sequences proudly stand next to Aladdin and The Lion King’s.

However, the film does suffer from some set backs. The main one being the music. The songs in this one quite simply aren’t that good. They aren’t at all catchy, and the main ballad is forgettable. The best song would have to come from the main villain, Mother Gothel, in her solo “Mother Knows Best/Rapunzle Knows Best.” However, even this song pales in comparison to other villain songs, even Dr. Facillier’s “Friends on the Other Side.” The standout uptempo track, “I’ve Got a Dream” simply lacks any sort of wit, intelligence, or significance, and pales in comparison to “Friend Like Me” or “Be Our Guest.” Don’t get me wrong, the songs aren’t terrible…they just aren’t good or memorable either.

Other than that, the movie is overall highly entertaining, charming, and enjoyable regardless of age. It doesn’t quite reach the levels of Disney classics like The Little Mermaid or The Lion King, but it sure does come close. For that, it gets a 7 out of 10.

Verdict; Good.
Loveable characters, an entertaining story, and humor for all ages make this film a worthy entry to the Disney collection.


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