Trapt, No Apologies

One of my favorite alt rock groups, Trapt, returns to the scene this month with their latest album, No Apologies. Despite being one of my favorite bands, I can be quite critical of this group. I was always very vocal in voicing my opinion that “Who’s Going Home With You Tonight” was one of the best songs on modern rock radio for awhile, while I blasted “Contagious” for sucking so badly. How does the new album stack up?

To put it lightly, the lead single, “Sound Off” is a bit disappointing; its not bad, but its not good either. The lyrics are about standing up for yourself, which is something that I can get behind, but I feel like the arrangement holds it back a bit. This is a song that could have gone places, maybe even became another “Headstrong”, and yet it becomes just another alt rock song that’s on the radio. It’s definitely a disappointing lead single, because it certainly isn’t the best song on the album.

Overall, the one thing that stands out to me about this album is the feeling I wind up walking away with. Trapt has effortlessly blended inspiring lyrics with dark, alt rock melodies, which is nice considering the wave of pessimistic songs on the radio today. Songs like “End of my Rope,” and “Are You with Me” leave a different impression than anything I’ve heard on a Breaking Benjamin or a Red album. With Chris’s vocals shining through the band’s hard rock riffs, this album consistently delivers solid tracks one after another.

There’s significantly less experimentation here than there was on past albums, such as the bongos on “Forget About the Rain,” and the blues riffs on “Bleed Like Me.” Instead, they stick to a classic Alt-rock sound. While it is good in that this album is distict from past albums, I did enjoy the past two a bit more, especially 2005’s Someone In Control. Also, while the songs are consistently good (hell, consistently great), it lacks that iconic song like “Waiting” or “Headstrong.” Still, No Apologies is a solid album that any rock fan would want in their collection. I’m giving it a 7 out of 10.

Verdict; Good.
A solid reliease, even if a little bland in spots.

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